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Chloë Driscoll

Chief Operating Officer

Meet Chloe

We sat down with Chloë, Chief Operating Officer, to chat more about her role.

Chloe 2

How do you contribute to the business?

My role is to bring my experience as a project manager to the project management team and guide them in their everyday project work. I work closely with all departments to develop processes and strategies and ensure the continual development of the team.

How do you contribute to the customer experience?

My job is to ensure that customers receive the best possible service from the project management team. I have four years’ client facing project management experience, and am dedicated to ensuring that we find the best possible solutions to fit the needs of every client and to helping the team tailor each project to the customer’s requirements.

What drew you to the company?

Wolfestone is a company that values the experiences and opinions of its employees and invests time into helping them achieve their professional goals. I came looking to tackle challenges beyond project management and become more involved in the day-to-day running of the company, and Wolfestone has provided me with all of these opportunities.

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