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Arabic Translation Services

If you’re searching for a professional Arabic translation services company, you’ve come to the right place. 

Why choose Wolfestone?

Wolfestone combines the highest quality language solutions with total commitment to delivering a bespoke, client-led service.

All our Arabic-language translators and interpreters are carefully-vetted native speakers, with at least five years’ experience and sector-specific academic qualifications.

What Arabic translation service does Wolfestone offer?

Our talented team can guide you through the linguistic and cultural differences you need to consider when translating to or from Arabic, to or from any other language.

As well as covering Modern Standard Arabic, we have capacity to work with over 30 dialects and variations of the Arabic language.

What is localisation?

Not only are our Arabic translators native speakers and expert linguists, but they can also adapt images, colours and expressions in your document to make them appropriate for your target audience – a service called localisation. We are able to provide Arabic translators who will adapt your message for specific markets, such as Qatar, Saudi Arabia, Egypt and the United Arab Emirates (UAE).

Having your content localised can make all the difference between successful market penetration and failure to resonate.


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Why use Arabic language services?

Arabic is the official language of 22 countries. In total, more than 422 million people speak Modern Standard Arabic along with its variations, spanning an area which runs from Southwest Asia to Northwest Africa.

The business potential in the Arabic-speaking world is huge. The region also boasts one of the largest internet growth rates in the world – Data from the UN estimates that there are 175 million Arab speakers who have access to the internet today.

Types of Arabic translation

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IT Services

Arabic translation services for apps, IT services, software and more


Arabic-language translaton of financial documents


Marketing collateral tailored for the Arabic-speaking world


Translation of legal documentation to and from Arabic and its variations


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