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Wish Case Study

Wish initially kept all of their translation operations in-house, but soon realized the necessity for outsourcing their content for translation. They wanted a provider who handles multiple languages and meets short turnaround times, while maintaining a quality service.

Who is Wish?

Wish is an online eCommerce company which was founded in 2010 by Peter Szulczewski (CEO) and Danny Zhang (CTO), former programmers at Google and Yahoo. The platform has over 500 million users across the world and is currently the sixth largest eCommerce company globally.

They chose Wolfestone because they needed a professional, communicative provider who could handle multiple languages and swift turnaround times, all the while maintaining a high-quality service.

What did Wish require and what challenges did you face when considering translation and looking for language service providers?

Wish needed large batches of copy in over 22 languages translated in a short amount of time. We did not have the bandwidth to do everything ourselves. We needed a reliable agency that could handle big projects with efficiency.

As a business, what were you looking for in your language services provider?

We are looking for three things: quality translation, excellent customer service, and timely project completions.

Why did you decide to choose Wolfestone as your language partner? Why did we stand out against competitors?

We tested three different translation agencies and Wolfestone turned out to be the best one. They were the only agency that consistently turned projects in on-time and they offered the most responsive and helpful account management.

Did the business approach translation beforehand? If so, what could Wolfestone offer as an alternative solution or unique service?

Before this, we solely used in-house translation, but were unable to handle the shear amount of work being handed to us. Now, we are better able to cope with large translation projects.

What were the success from the translation? Have there been any changes in your demographic or statistics?

Previously, we did not have enough manpower to translate all the languages. This has opened up new opportunities for us.

What benefits have you experienced since using our language services?

Before working with Wolfestone receiving translations for big projects took forever. Now that we work with this agency, we can expect our big projects to be turned in on time. This has also freed up time for us and we can focus on other aspects of our work.

What was working with Wolfestone like?

Working with Wolfestone is easy and efficient. Their customer service and account management go above and beyond to make sure that their translations are high-quality and on-time. I’ve never had a problem with Wolfestone and I’m very happy to continue working with them.

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