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Branded Translation Service

A marketing-led translation service focused on emotive impact and brand integrity

Branded Translation Service

A fully consultative, collaborative translation process by experienced, highly-qualified linguists with industry-specific expertise. Includes unlimited quality checks.

When To Use Our Branded Translation Service

Ideal document types

Those high-stakes documents in which nuance is critical, such as on-brand copy or key safety information.

Best for

When accuracy or brand voice is a non-negotiable, or when you need your content to make a real impact.

Not recommended for

When budget is more important than quality

About Our Branded Service

When you have a project that demands on-brand messaging and emotive impact as a key factor, our Branded translation service level is for you.

The service offers next-level collaboration between specialist linguists. It takes significantly longer than Basic translation because the linguist will agonize over individual words and sentences to ensure the impact of the copy is perfect.

Examples of documents

Creative marketing materials for print or digital publication, high impact slogans, article titles, key learning instructions, important safety information.


  • In-depth client consultation and full project management
  • Professional, highly qualified mother-tongue translator
  • On-brand messaging
  • Full terminology research and management for specificity
  • Professional, highly qualified mother-tongue editor/reviewer
  • Unlimited client review cycles
  • Accuracy guaranteed with advanced QA incl. style and proofreads
  • Wolfestone’s advanced Synergy X technology


1,000 words per day (can be upscaled if you have a particularly demanding deadline).


None—the end result should meet your requirements in every way, especially for trickier, more complex content. It's a fully-guaranteed service.

What our Branded service offers

  • Specialist translator
  • Edited by a second linguist
  • Multi-linguist reconciliation
  • In-depth consultation
  • Terminology research
  • Terminology management
  • On-brand messaging
  • Advanced QA incl. style
  • Unlimited review cycles
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Get a quote for your Branded-level project in 60 minutes.

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A marketing-led translation service focused on emotive impact and brand integrity


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