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Translation Management System

Streamline Projects and Reduce Costs with Wolfestone Group's Translation Management System.

Wolfestone Group's TMS

The content needs of global businesses are increasing in scale and complexity. Solid project management is crucial, especially when you have teams working in diverse international markets.

Wolfestone Group’s Translation Management System (TMS) is a comprehensive suite of tools that enables us to serve your business with greater efficiency.

From delegation to accuracy controls to invoicing, our TMS streamlines project management across our entire service offering, helping your business achieve more while keeping pace in today’s global marketplace.

What is a TMS?

A Translation Management System is a project management tool designed to streamline the process of translation and localization.

It automates various stages of the translation process, including delegation, reporting, accuracy assurance and more. It also simplifies collaboration in a cloud-based environment, enabling parties, such as your business and your dedicated translators, to quickly assign, complete and deliver tasks.

Modern TMS tools, such as Wolfestone Group’s TMS, utilize advanced tech like translation memory, machine translation and AI. Translators perform their tasks within the secure TMS network with machine translation assistance. This technology represents a major advancement over traditional manual translation, significantly enhancing speed and efficiency in translation tasks.

Setting a Standard for Translation Project Management

Wolfestone Group’s TMS was engineered to meet the needs of businesses. It pairs the latest in machine learning, AI and automation with professional human translators, allowing us to deliver translations up to 4x faster without sacrificing accuracy. Our system is updated regularly to ensure our clients have access to the most advanced tools and up-to-date security.

We understand that transparency is important. Our Intuitive client portals put businesses in control of their translation projects, making it easy to manage teams, create projects, review ongoing work, and receive deliveries 24 hours a day from across our service offering.

Our TMS automates the work of an entire department. Just a few of its automated tasks include:

  • Team management
  • Workflow management
  • Progress tracking and reporting
  • Billing and invoicing
  • Automated file processing
  • Machine translation (MT)
  • Translation memory (TM)
  • Translation glossary (a saved bank of terminology relevant to your brand)
  • Quality assurance
  • Integrations with other software, such as content management systems

Our customized translation management tools get real results. Our clients, on average, increase the rate of their output by at least 2x—boosting global engagement and profitability.

By automating routine tasks and connecting our clients with professional linguists worldwide, our TMS removes growth bottlenecks and helps your business communicate more effectively on a global scale.

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Our System, Your Success

With our TMS, your business can do more. Here are just a few benefits of Wolfestone Group’s system.

  • Reduce Costs: Say goodbye to Excel sheets and email chains. Our TMS automates every step of the translation process, from project creation to delivery, saving significant time and resources. Our advanced automation and machine learning features further boost efficiency, cutting translation costs and improving turnaround.
  • Manage Global Teams: Design and delegate on a global scale using custom dashboards within our TMS. From their dashboards, regional teams can manage tasks and interact with translators. Management can view and optimize global tasks from a master dashboard.
  • Customize Your Content: Translation memory and custom glossaries help our translators maintain a uniform brand voice across languages. Our system continues to “learn” your brand’s unique persona over time, improving translation quality and turnaround.
  • Security You Can Trust: Wolfestone Group is among the few translation agencies to have earned an ISO 27001 Information Security certification. We guarantee your sensitive documents and IP remain secure in our TMS.

Most translation agencies have a TMS, but Wolfestone Group is the only language service provider with a TMS designed to meet the needs of modern businesses. Our industry-leading technology, intuitive client dashboards and ISO-certified security protocols help businesses satisfy the market’s growing demand for content and streamline internal global operations.

Contact Wolfestone Group today to learn more about our TMS and how your business can benefit from our leading automation technology.