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Accurate and Confidential Financial Translation Services in 220+ Language Pairs

Financial Translation for Growth and Compliance

In today's global economy, financial translation is an essential service for businesses operating across international borders. But your translations can’t be left to just anyone. Accuracy is critical for the smooth running of operations. And adherence to regional financial regulations is necessary to remain in compliance with legal and regulatory agencies.

Wolfestone Group is a trusted partner for banking, accounting, insurance, and fintech professionals seeking financial translation services. Major institutions partner with us because we don’t simply translate financial texts, we enhance them.

Our certified linguists are niche experts who translate according to International Financial Reporting Standards (IFRS), the globally recognized accounting standard adopted by over 100 countries. Our team is certified at all levels and has extensive experience in financial interpreting across various forms.

When you partner with Wolfestone Group, you can trust that your financial translations are accurate and confidential. We are committed to delivering exceptional customer service and ensuring our clients receive the best possible results.

Your financial documents are more than words—they are your bottom line. Don’t trust them to a basic translator. Wolfestone Group is a specialized financial translation agency for all your financial translation needs.

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Our Financial Translation Solutions

At Wolfestone Group, we offer a wide range of financial translation services, including the translation of financial reports, accounting documents, investment prospectuses, loan agreements, compliance documents and many more. Our financial translators are well-equipped to handle your requests in the following areas of expertise.

Legal Financial Translation

Our financial translators understand the legal and financial jargon of your target language. We provide precise and comprehensive translations of legal financial documents, such as policies, contracts, due diligence materials and multi-jurisdictional forms.

Financial Report Translation

Our financial report translation services ensure that every detail in your sensitive documents is accurate and free from misinterpretation. We specialize in translating annual reports, statutory reports, shareholder communications, and more.

Translation for Investment

Secure the future of your business with financial translation for investments. We offer translation solutions for a wide range of investment documents, including investment banking documents, key investor information documents (KIDs), initial public offerings (IPOs) and packaged retail investment products.

Insurance Translation

Accurate financial translation is crucial within the insurance industry to ensure that policies and claims are handled effectively. Our expert linguists are experienced in translating a variety of insurance documents, including claims documentation, policies, reports, and more.

Banking Translation

Our rapid and accurate financial translations allow banking professionals to serve their clients around the globe. Our services include the translation of corporate finance documents, audits, pitch books, asset records, corporate governance manuals, risk management frameworks restructuring plans and more.

Fintech Translation

In the world of Fintech, accurate and reliable financial translation is essential for success. We understand the unique needs of Fintech companies and offer expert financial translation of whitepapers and research reports, cryptocurrency and blockchain materials, online payment system documents, investor updates, and more.

Expand your Business with Specialized Financial Linguistic Services

Financial translation goes beyond translating documents. In order for your organization to flourish, you must be able to communicate your financial needs and aims fluently across borders. Wolfestone Group provides you with a host of linguistic services to promote growth—all backed by our expertise in global finance and compliance.


Localization is critical for financial institutions seeking to expand their global reach and build a strong reputation in local markets. By adapting their products, services, and communications to meet the needs of specific cultures and regions, banks can establish trust with local customers and drive business growth.


In today's globalized economy, financial institutions need to communicate across borders and languages more than ever before. We offer professional interpretation services to help you bridge language gaps and collaborate effectively with international partners, clients, and stakeholders.

Language Training

In the fast-paced world of finance and banking, effective communication is key. Our bespoke language training services are designed to help your staff develop the language skills they need to excel in their roles.


With our extensive network of native-speaking artists, we can provide you with high-quality voiceover services Whether you need a voiceover for a global marketing campaign or a training video for your staff, we have the expertise and resources to meet your requirements.


Our experienced linguists can accurately translate and adapt your subtitles to suit the cultural nuances and regional dialects of your target audience. We work with a wide range of video formats and can provide subtitles in multiple languages to suit your needs.

Live Captions

Ensure clear communication and accessibility for all attendees at your financial events, conferences, and digital meetings with our expert live captioning services. Our skilled team of professionals can provide accurate captions in real-time, allowing for seamless and inclusive communication.

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Our Process

We have a proven process for providing accurate and compliant financial translations.

In-Depth Consultation: Our team will meet with you to discuss your needs and provide you with a comprehensive quote for your project.

Dedicated Project Manager: We will assign a dedicated Project Manager who has in-depth knowledge of the financial regulations of your industry. They will cater to your specific needs and act as your primary point of contact.

Building a Translation Team: Your Project Manager will select a team of skilled linguists, each of whom must be a native speaker of the target language and have a minimum of 5 years of experience in financial translation. They will be fully up-to-date with the latest financial terminology and regulatory requirements in your sector. All of our linguists and project managers are subject to non-disclosure agreements (NDAs) to ensure complete confidentiality.

Industry Leading Accuracy Controls: After each translation is completed by the linguist, it goes through multiple rounds of human and AI controls to ensure accuracy, consistency and compliance. That includes checks by our in-house finance team.

Delivery: Once the project has passed our rigorous quality assurance process, your Project Manager will deliver your translation and invite your feedback.

Financial and Banking Translation by Niche Experts

Just as you wouldn’t trust your finances to an unqualified accountant, you should never trust your financial translation to an unqualified translator. One small mistake can cause costly legal and operational problems that haunt your business for years.

We understand that translating financial and banking documents requires specialized knowledge and experience. That's why we employ niche experts in financial translation with a minimum of 5 years of experience in finance. Our linguists have a deep understanding of financial terminology in their target language and are up to speed with the constantly changing regulatory requirements of the finance industry.

Having a specialized financial translator working on your financial documents is essential to ensure accuracy, clarity, and compliance with regulations.

Ensure the Accuracy of Every Document and Report

When it comes to financial documents, the stakes are high. Even a minor error or mistranslation can lead to significant financial losses, legal disputes or reputational damage. That's why it's essential to have an experienced financial translation partner like Wolfestone Group ensure the accuracy of your documents and reports.

At Wolfestone Group, we pride ourselves on having the highest standards of accuracy in the industry.

Once your translation is completed by specialized financial translators, it undergoes both human and AI checks to eliminate any inaccuracies. Next, our in-house finance team reviews the translation for compliance with regional regulations. Wolfestone Group’s rigorous accuracy assurance process guarantees that no errors or inconsistencies slip through.

Expand Internationally with Financial Language Training

Financial translation will only get you so far when networking in foreign markets. It’s also critical to have a team that can communicate effectively in the target market's financial language.

At Wolfestone Group, we provide language training for your team to improve their ability to do business abroad. Our instructors specialize in finance and business language and are available at your convenience, regardless of your time zone.

Language training enables teams to build stronger relationships with clients and expand their business. Investing in language training by Wolfestone Group is a smart decision that can lead to significant growth opportunities. And when you pair language training with additional linguistic services from Wolfestone Group, such as financial translation, you compound your benefits with special package discounts.

Ensure Compliance with International Accounting Standards

Failure to comply with financial regulations can lead to serious consequences, including legal action and financial penalties. However, verifying the accuracy of your financial translations is an additional costly expense. And even then, you’re still taking a leap of faith.

That’s why it’s so important to partner with an expert in financial translation. At Wolfestone Group, we understand the importance of compliance and the implications of errors on your financial documents. Our specialized financial linguists translate according to International Financial Reporting Standards (IFRS). Additionally, our stringent quality assurance procedures, which combine human and AI quality controls, guarantee the accuracy of every translation.

When you partner with Wolfestone Group, you can be confident that your financial documents are not only translated correctly but also compliant with international accounting and finance regulations.

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Whether you’re a small business or an international investment firm, your financial documents contain your most sensitive information. Wolfestone Group’s network of certified finance translators and our in-house finance experts guarantee 100% accuracy and regional compliance for every translation.

We are not a one-size-fits-all company. We work closely with our clients to understand their needs and tailor our services to meet them. No matter the scope or complexity of your financial translation needs, Wolfestone Group is ready to assist you.

Wolfestone Group has been an industry-leading linguistic services provider for the finance industry since 2006, and we are proud to have earned dozens of awards and professional recognitions for our services. We are confident that no other linguistics agency can rival our standards of accuracy, range of services, and discretion.

Trust us to be your partner for all your financial translation needs.