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Rapid Translation Service

Excellent value translation by a skilled and knowledgeable translator

About Our Rapid Translation Service

A swift, excellent value service carried out by a professional translator. Includes an additional quality assurance check.

Our Rapid Translation Service

Ideal document types

Documents to be discussed internally or low-stakes, external content.

Best for

Swift, excellent value, human-powered translation – ideal for when deadlines are tight.

Not recommended for

Technical, jargon-heavy documents or branded content.

Examples of documents

This service is perfect for business level but non-business-critical translation requirements, such as documents that will be discussed internally or low-im­portance information that needs to be trans­lated and understood externally.


  • Quick, professional translation that can be scaled up if you have a particularly demanding deadline
  • Excellent value
  • Project Management included
  • Professional, qualified mother-tongue translator
  • Client review cycle
  • Wolfestone's cutting-edge translation technology


2,500 words per day, which can be scaled up if you have a particularly demanding deadline.


This service is designed to be quick and low-cost, so there may be the odd imperfection. The style may not be as natural and impactful as our higher-level services. However, if you do need a higher level of quality for all or part of your content, you can always upgrade the service level for individual sections.


Tell us about your project – We'll get back to you in 60 minutes.

What Our Rapid Translation Service Offers

  • Professional translator
  • Standard QA process
  • 1 review cycle

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