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AI Translation Services

For large volumes of text and internal documents, where only basic comprehension is required.

What are AI-Powered Translation Services?

AI-powered translation, otherwise known as machine translation, uses an innovative combination of artificial intelligence, machine learning, and translation memory (TM) to transform written content from one language to another.

Machine translation can translate large volumes of text quickly and accurately, at a low cost. However, it is always worth noting that due to the nature of artificial intelligence, errors and inaccuracies are more likely to occur.

Our machine translation solutions are suitable for large swathes of texts and internal documents, where only basic understanding and simple communication are needed. AI translation services are also optimal for tight deadlines and budgets, but only for certain materials.

Machine translation is not suitable for marketing campaigns, industry-technical texts, or publishable materials. Our team can happily point you in the right direction if you require more attention and accuracy on your translation project.

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Our AI Translation Solution

Ideal document types

Large volumes of text needed for understanding or informational purposes only.

Best for

Speedy turnaround, tight budgets, and internal communications.

Not recommended for

Publishable content that relies upon nuance, technical understanding, and 100% accuracy.

What Is AI Translation?

AI translation, also referred to as machine translation (MT), automated translation, or instant translation, is essentially a substitution of words from one language to another. AI translation works on the recognition of phrases and restructures your text according to the rules of the new language.

Wolfestone Group utilizes a bespoke neural AI translation engine. Our sophisticated. AI-powered technology is specifically tailored to each client, allowing you to build up a bank of personalized terminology and Translation Memory on our secure network.

Thanks to the neural technology we harness, there’s no longer the need to process millions of words in a specific language pair and specialization and carry out regular engine retraining to benefit from AI translation. Our technology allows the highest machine translation quality output even for a single document.

What's more, every client has their own, bespoke engine, meaning content will never be shared or even partially used in other clients' translations, guaranteeing the highest confidentiality of your materials.

The Benefits of AI Translation

  • Speed: Machine Translation, especially when complemented with Translation Memory, can transform content quickly to get a general understanding of information in another language.
  • Increased Productivity: AI translation can aid human translators by providing a first pass that can be quickly post-editing.
  • Cost-Effective: Machine translation solutions are perfect for content where there is insufficient budget, or there isn't enough warrant for investment.
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What Is Translation Memory?

Translation Memory (TM) can dramatically improve the consistency, turnaround time, and cost-saving of your project.

In short, Translation Memory stores your source text (in the original language) and its corresponding target text (the “translated” text). When starting a new project, any previously or similarly-translated content is returned by the Translation Memory as a ‘match’ (or close match).

Every additional project can attract savings of 30%.

How Do We Guarantee Data Security?

Since 2006, Wolfestone Group has been guaranteeing the highest possible level of security for documents.

All work is carried out on our secure servers in the cloud. We follow strict Data Protection and GDPR policies and ensure that all elements of our technology adhere to these guidelines. What’s more, we hold ISO 17100:2015, ISO 9001:2015, and ISO 27001:2013 certifications, which assures our high level of quality management.

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What Is Machine Translation Post Editing (MTPE)?

MTPE (Machine Translation Post Editing) is the ideal solution for a speedy translation turnaround with human-guaranteed accuracy.

A human linguist reviews the content produced by our AI-powered engine and edits any unnatural-sounding elements or errors, such as syntax, grammar, and terminology, to ensure the highest-quality output.

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AI Translation Services

For large volumes of text and internal documents, where only basic comprehension is required.

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