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Medical Translation Services

Expand global reach and improve patient outcomes with ISO-certified medical translation & localization.

Trusted Healthcare Translation Services

In the world of healthcare, clear communication is critical. From medical documents to informational materials, Wolfestone Group is dedicated to providing exceptional and accurate medical translation services.

Let us bridge the gap and ensure clear communication in your organization.

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Trusted By Leading Medical Organizations

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Full Medical Localization

Medical document translation: Patient records, clinical trials, medical research, and regulatory documents.

Medical devices and software: User manuals, medical devices and software localization.

Marketing and educational materials: Websites, educational materials, and global campaigns.

Medical Devices

Medical Interpreting Services

Beyond written documents, clear and accurate communication is crucial in every aspect of healthcare. That's where medical interpreting services come in, playing a vital role in ensuring understanding and optimal care for patients.

Medical Interpreting

Translation Accuracy Guarnteed

Unwavering Expertise: 5+ years of healthcare experience for every medical translator.

Rigorous Quality Control: Multi-stage translation and revision, double-checked for accuracy.

ISO-Certified: Compliance with ISO 17100, 27001, and 9001, ensuring professional quality management, translation, and information security.

Medical Professional
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Experience the power of accurate medical translation.

Tailored Medical Localization Solutions

Clinical Trials

Our team of experienced translators possess in-depth knowledge of FDA regulations and medical terminology specific to each trial phase. We ensure informed consent documents, patient questionnaires, and other critical materials in any language.


We help you break down language barriers throughout the development lifecycle, translating: clinical documentation, research papers and reports, packaging, and marketing materials.

Medical Devices

Medical devices play a crucial role in patient care, yet complex instructions and labeling can create confusion and safety risks. We provide expert medical device translations that empower patients and healthcare professionals alike.

Medical Translation FAQs

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Break down language barriers, one translation at a time.

Wolfestone Group: Your Partner for Healthcare Translation


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Wolfestone Group is a medical translation company that passionately advocates for clear, multilingual communication in the healthcare world. We are driven by a mission to empower both patients and healthcare organizations alike.

We understand the critical role precise localization plays in:

  • Ensuring accurate diagnoses and treatment plans.
  • Protecting patient safety and upholding informed consent.
  • Building trust and understanding between diverse communities and healthcare providers.
  • Advancing global health initiatives and research.

Wolfestone Group brings a unique blend of expertise and compassion to every project. Our team comprises certified medical translators, subject matter experts, and cultural consultants, all dedicated to crafting accurate and culturally sensitive translations that resonate with every audience.

Contact us today to discuss medical translation services and experience the Wolfestone Group difference.