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ASL Interpreting Services

Professional Sign Language Interpreting for Business Communication

Comprehensive ASL Solutions for Your Business

Wolfestone Group boasts one of the largest networks of interpreters certified by the Registry of Interpreters for the Deaf (RID). We specialize in providing businesses with on-demand sign language interpreting services from industry-specific interpreters.

Our ASL services bridge the communication gap without slowing down your day-to-day. Whether it's a board meeting, a job interview, or a legal proceeding, our sign language interpreting services are tailored to meet the needs of businesses.

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  1. Initial Consultation: We begin by discussing the needs and goals of your business. We then develop a service plan to meet them.
  2. Selecting an Interpreter: We match you with an interpreter or interpreting team specializing in your industry. Your interpreters stick with you from project to project in order to develop a keen understanding of your business and events.
  3. Preparation and Clarification: Your interpreters conduct the necessary research to prepare for the interpreting session.
  4. Interpreting: Our expert interpreters provide high-quality ASL for your event.
  5. Delivery: Following the session, we conduct a debrief to ensure satisfaction.

Complete ASL Solutions

Wolfestone Group is prepared to meet all of your ASL and accessibility needs.

Interpreters in Your Industry

From healthcare to education to legal to employment, our large network of ASL interpreters caters to a wide range of industries.

Our experts understand the unique terminology and requirements of each sector, ensuring professional and effective communication with your partners and customers.

Compliance with ADA Requirements

Our services are designed to help your business comply with ADA standards and prevent penalties for non-compliance.

Our accessibility team is well-versed in ADA compliance across industries. We will assist you in maintaining compliance while demonstrating your commitment to inclusivity and accessibility.

24/7 Support, From Anywhere

Gain access to certified ASL interpreters with our flexible remote options and avoid any disappointments.

We suggest booking on-site interpreters early in advance of your event.

CTA 2020 09 08 151038

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ASL Interpreting Services FAQs

Wolfestone Group: A Leader is ASL


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Customer Satisfaction

Wolfestone Group has been a leading language service provider for businesses since 2006. We specialize in helping companies achieve global growth with comprehensive linguistic services in 220+ language pairs.

Our commitment to quality, data security and adherence to ADA requirements makes us your trusted partner for ASL interpreting services. Wolfestone Group understands that speed, accuracy and compliance are critical to your success.

With a global network of niche-specific interpreters and a dedication to your ongoing success, Wolfestone Group empowers you to communicate more effectively while fostering an inclusive environment for all.

Global Reach: Take your business to any market, big or small. Our language services span 220+ language pairs and employ linguists who specialize in dozens of industries, including medical, legal, finance, pharma, education, and marketing.

Tailored Language Solutions: Only pay for the services you need. We tailor plans for your business and budget. Wolfestone Group is proud to work with both major corporate clients and small businesses alike.

Rapid and Responsive: We pride ourselves on our speed of service. Contact us and you will hear back within hours. You will then meet your dedicated account manager or specialist on your project, with our rapid translation service being delivered within 24 hours.

The Highest Standards of Accuracy: We're committed to providing the most accurate translation and localization possible. Our rigorous editing and quality control process involves multiple rounds of human and AI checks to ensure your content is suitable for multiple metrics, including meaning, tone, register, and more.

Backed by Security and Technology: We are one of the few localization agencies in our sector to have our commitment to data security and translation management internationally recognized by the prestigious ISO 9001:2015, ISO 17100:2015, and ISO 27001:2013.