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Norbert Pietrzak

Chief Technology Officer

Meet Norbert

We sat down with Norbert, Chief Technology Officer, to chat more about his role.


How do you contribute to the business?

With over 10 years’ experience in the translation industry, I’m bringing on-board tested solutions, know-how and practical knowledge of IT technologies to the business. I’ve worked on different projects from delivering and developing new business and e-commerce solutions through to multilingual desktop publishing, as well as managing and leading technical and linguistic departments. Always hungry for knowledge and thriving through learning and developing new skills every day, I’m able to push for change and deliver a sense of stability and certainty at the same time.

How do you contribute to the customer experience?

The translation process is usually perceived as something closer to the pen and paper rather than something associated with cutting edge, ground-breaking IT technology. Translators these days have very technologically advanced tools at their disposal. Advanced applications use translation memories to increase productivity and retain consistency, while artificial intelligence suggests the best translations and language style in real time, constantly updating as the linguist progresses.

Customers are using technologies to deliver both their products and their message to global partners. They’re using variety of IT solutions, from professional desktop publishing applications, to interactive websites to, advanced CRM platforms, and they want to have their content available in different languages. My role is to recognise the customer’s needs and use my experience to help to design a translation process that will seamlessly integrate with their environment to ensure a flawless multilingual experience.

What drew you to the company?

I love challenging, dynamic, constantly changing and evolving environments. This is what attracted me to the translation industry and to Wolfestone in particular. Wolfestone Group is an extremely fast growing and continuously evolving company with ambitious leaders but also with ambitious employees. Such combinations create a really dynamic environment where we are all focused on delivering top quality products to our clients by constantly improving ourselves.

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