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A top-quality, high-performing translation process delivering true transcreation

What Is Our Creative Service?

Perfect for high-impact marketing material or global messaging, our Creative service offers a top-quality process called transcreation.

About Our Creative Service

Transcreation that involves taking your message in one language and rewriting the content so that it has the same emotional impact and meaning in the target language. A highly-skilled linguist is given the freedom to reimagine and recreate your content so that it reads as though it was originally crafted in the target language.

Why Do I Need A Transcreation Agency?

Transcreation captures the persuasive and emotive spirit of the original copy in your target language. It guarantees that your material remains engaging, relevant and credible in any language.

After spending a long time honing their messaging, companies often destroy their brand voice in other languages by choosing the wrong translation partner, rather than a successful transcreation agency. The right transcreation agency, such as Wolfestone Group, has expertise in fully considering local customs and values.

What Is The Difference Between Translation and Transcreation?

Transcreation is more than just the translation or localization of copy. The difference between translation and transcreation is that transcreation involves taking a message in one language and recreating the text so that it has the same emotional impact, sentiment and meaning in the target language and culture.

A simple translation of materials may retain the brand identity, but usually dilutes the impact of the campaign. Hiring a local copy editor may deliver the local impact, but diminishes global brand control as the ad copy, content and messaging moves away from the original text. Transcreation combines the best of both worlds to ensure success.

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Why Choose Wolfestone As Your Transcreation Agency?




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Working alongside some of the top B2B marketing agencies across the world, Wolfestone delivers quality international transcreation projects for companies looking to export overseas or for marketing companies serving international clients.

Whether you're looking for standalone transcreation services, or need a partner to support you linguistically with your process, Wolfestone can help.

Our Process

Step 1

The process for Wolfestone’s expert transcreation services begins with a consultation. We will discuss the project brief with you, your desired outcomes and your budget. The text is then transcreated by a native speaking professional with expertise in your specific sector.

Step 2

The transcreation is then edited by an independent industry specialist, such as a copywriter, marketing executive, or engineer—depending on your industry. The text gets sent for review to the translator to confirm the amendments and edits. Working with a transcreation agency such as Wolfestone guarantees a multi-step process that ensures your translation is accurate and delivers the desired impact.

Step 3

The translation is then sent to an independent proofreader for review, before the final linguistic quality assurance check is performed by Wolfestone. The team will sign off the finalized product as fit for purpose, target audience, and market. All translation memories, team guides, style guides, and glossaries are saved for future use and the final product is delivered to you.

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A top-quality, high-performing translation process delivering true transcreation