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Voice Dubbing Services

Reach Your International Audience in Any Language with Professional Voice Dubbing.

Make Your Content Speak to the World

Seamlessly translate your message and reach new audiences with our professional voice dubbing services, available in multiple languages.

Through our global network of native-tongue voice actors, we provide high-quality dubbing for film, television, animation, eLearning, and more. Our team fully manages the entire process, from script adaptation and translation to lip-syncing and final mixing.

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  • Promote Accessibility: Over 1.5 billion viewers around the globe prefer dubbing when watching foreign-language content, including 25% of all US viewers.
  • Boost Conversions: 3/4 consumers prefer getting information about products and services in their own language, with a majority saying that localized language efforts are more important than price.
  • Enhance Viewing Experiences: Dubbing your videos with a professional dubbing agency like Wolfestone Group ensures that your non-English speaking audiences achieve the same level of enjoyment and engagement as your American English-speaking viewers.
  • Improve Customer Interaction: Customers often seek support in the form of online video guides, how-to's, tutorials, and reviews. Voice dubbing enhances customer support efforts for multilingual audiences.

Dubbing Services to Engage Global Audiences

Wolfestone Group specializes in modern dubbing solutions to meet the demand of today’s viewers. This is how we do it

Professional Voice Actors

We utilize experienced actors who take dubbing seriously. They research roles and take part in multiple rehearsals to deliver powerful performances.

Accuracy Guaranteed

We employ human editors and AI tools to practice constant quality control throughout the voice dubbing creative process.

Experienced Dubbing Agency

We've provided dubbing for various projects, including feature films, commercials, eLearning content, animations, documentaries, and broadcast TV.

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Voice Dubbing FAQs

Wolfestone Group: Your Go-To Agency for Dubbing Services


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Customer Satisfaction

Wolfestone Group has been a leader in the linguistic and multimedia services industry since 2006. We are proud to have worked with award-winning content creators and major businesses to bring their work to a global audience with professional voice dubbing services.

We’ve spent years building a roster of the most talented transcreation specialists and dubbing actors in 220+ languages. This network of linguists and in-house talent ensures the highest quality and prompt delivery of your voice over dubbing projects.

Global Reach: Take your business to any market, big or small. Our language services span 220+ language pairs and employ linguists who specialize in dozens of industries, including medical, legal, finance, pharma, education, and marketing.

Tailored Language Solutions: Only pay for the services you need. We tailor plans for your business and budget. Wolfestone Group is proud to work with both major corporate clients and small businesses alike.

Rapid and Responsive: We pride ourselves on our speed of service. Contact us and you will hear back within hours. You will then meet your dedicated account manager or specialist on your project, with our rapid translation service being delivered within 24 hours.

The Highest Standards of Accuracy: We're committed to providing the most accurate translation and localization possible. Our rigorous editing and quality control process involves multiple rounds of human and AI checks to ensure your content is suitable for multiple metrics, including meaning, tone, register, and more.

Backed by Security and Technology: We are one of the few localization agencies in our sector to have our commitment to data security and translation management internationally recognized by the prestigious ISO 9001:2015, ISO 17100:2015, and ISO 27001:2013.