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Technical Translation Services

Accurate technical translation for seamless communication with suppliers, clients and partners.

Ensure Global Understanding of Your Complex Materials

Reduce time to market, avoid costly delays, and ensure clear communication with Wolfestone Group's technical translation services.

Ensure your message, no matter how complex or difficult, resonates in any language.

We deliver precise, technical translation for user guides, manuals, health and safety reports, engineering specifications, software, detailed marketing materials, and beyond.

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Technical Translation Solutions for Global Operations

Empowering your international success through accurate localization.

Specialized Translators

Our linguists hold degrees in desired fields, backed by a minimum of 5 years of experience. This deep subject-matter expertise ensures they understand the intricacies of your technical content and deliver translations that are both correct and culturally nuanced.

Rigorous Quality Assurance

We employ an ISO-certified quality management process to guarantee the consistency of every project. Our muti-step review process, involving secondary linguists and reviewers, makes certain your content meet the highest standards of quality.

Full Localization Coverage

We offer a complete range of technical translation and localization services to meet your needs—covering multiple sectors, functions, and materials, including user manuals, instructions, complex marketing whitepapers, software, SOPs, user guides, and more.

Our Process: Technical Translation

We understand the critical role technical translations play in your global success. That's why our process prioritizes specialist translators, rigorous quality assurance, and in-depth reviews.

  1. Analysis and Expert Matching: We begin by analyzing your texts with a focus on context, terminology, and compliance. We then match your project with a native-tongue linguist specialized in your subject matter and language pair.
  2. Technical Translation: Our team translates your text according to your needs and the regulatory standards of your target language region.
  3. Quality Assurance: Every project undergoes a rigorous, multi-step review process overseen by our ISO-certified translation management system.
  4. Secure Delivery: We deliver your translated documents via your preferred method.
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Technical Translation FAQs

Wolfestone Group: Professional Technical Translation Company


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Customer Satisfaction

Wolfestone Group is your trusted partner for achieving global success. We are an award-winning leader in technical translation services, dedicated to bridging the language gap for businesses operating in complex international markets.

Global Reach: Take your business to any market, big or small. Our language services span 220+ language pairs and employ linguists who specialize in dozens of industries, including medical, legal, finance, pharma, education, and marketing.

Tailored Language Solutions: Only pay for the services you need. We tailor plans for your business and budget. Wolfestone Group is proud to work with both major corporate clients and small businesses alike.

Rapid and Responsive: We pride ourselves on our speed of service. Contact us and you will hear back within hours. You will then meet your dedicated account manager or specialist on your project, with our rapid translation service being delivered within 24 hours.

The Highest Standards of Accuracy: We're committed to providing the most accurate translation and localization possible. Our rigorous editing and quality control process involves multiple rounds of human and AI checks to ensure your content is suitable for multiple metrics, including meaning, tone, register, and more.

Backed by Security and Technology: We are one of the few localization agencies in our sector to have our commitment to data security and translation management internationally recognized by the prestigious ISO 9001:2015, ISO 17100:2015, and ISO 27001:2013.