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Multilingual SEO Services

Wolfestone's Multilingual SEO service is perfect for those companies with global ambitions.

What Is Multilingual SEO?

To take advantage of overseas opportunities, companies need to consider not just translating their website, but also engaging in multilingual SEO.

Multilingual SEO basically involves optimizing a website for international search. It involves things like keyword research, image tagging, content optimization, and building authority of a site. It can involve on-site optimization, and also off-site optimization. This is different in new countries, as it involves getting specific high-quality links relevant in that country.

But with so many companies offering international SEO, who should you choose?

You need to choose a partner who understands SEO post-search engine algorithm updates like Penguin/Panda/Hummingbird. You need an agency that understands that old practices like keyword stuffing are no longer acceptable. You will also need a company that understands that thematic SEO, with well-researched keywords is the key to SEO success.

Many multilingual SEO companies will translate your content and literally translate your meta titles, descriptions, and h tags. This is problematic because people in that country may not be searching for the literal translation, instead opting for a different keyword. Our SEO specialists are carefully selected for their attention to detail and understanding of the SEO big picture.

Your International SEO Services Partner

A well-optimized site will bring return on investment. It will bring the ideal traffic and the ideal business to your website. That's why you need to engage a company that has a good understanding of on-site SEO, what phrases your target market searches for, and what motivates their purchasing decisions. Wolfestone has carried out international SEO work in almost every language and sector.

Some examples include a UK bank branching into Qatar, a hotel chain expanding across Europe and Asia, and a software company looking to grow sales in France, Germany, and Spain. The result for each client was increased visibility, leading to increased traffic and increased conversions.

Our Multilingual SEO Process

Wolfestone’s international SEO process involves first reviewing your translated content. Expert SEO people who speak the local language to native level research your target market and the keywords people search for. For example, for one retail company, we found that search volumes were higher and more profitable in English than in Dutch. These kinds of insights drive the success of our multilingual SEO campaigns.


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