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Audio Description Services

Make your content accessible to a wider audience with professional audio description services for the visually impaired.

What is Audio Description?

Audio description services make visual content accessible to a visually impaired audience. It is a scripted or live voice-over narration of non-spoken actions on stage or screen, that doesn’t interrupt dialogue or affect the tone of your message. Narrations are carefully scripted to provide the visually impaired with the contextual information they need to enjoy a movie, tv series, or live event.

Wolfestone Group is a leading linguistics firm specializing in AD services. We handle 100% of your needs under one roof for both films and live events; as well as documentaries, tv adverts, and more.

Our AD scriptwriting team is composed of narrative experts, and we employ top voiceover talent to captivate your audience.

Is your audience global? Wolfestone Group will also translate your audio descriptions into 220+ languages, helping you scale and promote accessibility at a low cost.

Why Use Audio Descriptive Services?

Accessible narration helps brands and content creators reach a wider audience and promote inclusivity among those with disabilities. More than 1 in 20 Americans are visually impaired, and they rely on audio descriptive narration to enjoy streaming content, interact on social media, and learn about new products and services from businesses like yours.

Promote Inclusivity

Audio description allows visually impaired audiences to experience the same impact and enjoyment as other viewers. About 6% of Americans are visually impaired. They, and their families, rely on descriptive narration to lead a fulfilling life.

Captivate a Wider Audience

From social media to documentaries, adding audio descriptive voiceovers to your content can expand your potential audience by more than 14 million people in the US alone.

Guarantee Accessibility Compliance

Depending on the type of content you produce and the funding received by your company or organization, audio description may be required by law. Wolfestone Group can help you understand the nuances of accessibility during your free consultation.

Improve your SEO

Google and other search engines are beginning to prioritize accessibility, meaning audio description will only become more important to driving search traffic. It is already helping brands improve their SEO through indexing of audio keywords in their content.

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Full-Service Audio Description

Wolfestone Group provides full-service audio narration in multiple languages. We take care of 100% of your AD needs from the planning stages to scripting, translating, and recording.

Thanks to our in-house experienced teams and voiceover actors, we are able to guarantee the highest degree of quality and consistency in 220+ languages. And, we deliver quickly so you can publish accessible content at peak relevance.

1. Consultation

Discuss your accessibility needs and budget in a free consultation. Our audio description experts will work with you to define the distinct tone and message of your content.

2. Scripting

Our audio description scriptwriters develop an engaging and informative narration for your visually-impaired viewers.

3. Scouting Voice Talent

Once your brand has a script, our experienced team of project managers will source the perfect voice for your project.

4. Voiceover Recording

We tap expert voiceover actors to bring your content to life. Our actors match the tone and emotion of the action to captivate your audience.

5. Quality Control

Wolfestone Group is proud to have the most rigorous standards of accuracy in the linguistic services industry. From the tone of voiceovers to the accuracy of translations, your content must pass multiple levels of human and AI quality controls before delivery.

6. Translation (Optional)

Translate your audio description into 220+ languages. Our certified translators and localization professionals ensure that your message is consistent and engaging across borders.

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Wolfestone Group has been a leader in the linguistic services industry since 2006. We are proud to have worked with major corporations to improve accessibility standards with professional audio description services – all whilst boosting their SEO and global reach.

We combine a global network of linguists with in-house teams to guarantee a level of accuracy, consistency, and timely delivery that other firms just can’t offer.

And, we offer 100% of the linguistic services you need under one roof and on one invoice.

Schedule your free consultation and see why brands like Milk Media, CC Lab, Firecrest Films and Untold Fable; and films starring David Schwimmer, Simon Pegg, and Jack Black, choose Wolfestone Group for AD narration, captioning, translation, and more.