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Canadian French

Succeed in Canada’s Advanced Bilingual Market with End-to-End Canadian French Translation.

Canadian French Translation

Nearly 25% of Canadians speak first-language French, and business in Canada is conducted in both English and French. If your organization hopes to succeed in this affluent market, translation of your communications, documents, and marketing materials is essential.

Wolfestone Group offers 100% native Canadian French translation and localization for all of your business needs. We specialize in bilingual communications, websites, legal documents, marketing materials, and much more. And, our translators are on call for rapid translation delivery, ensuring your linguistics challenges never slow you down.

Find out why Wolfestone Group has been a leader in translation since 2006.

Why Does Your Business Need Translation?

The 10 million French speakers located in Canada, and parts of the US, make up an affluent consumer market. Wolfestone Group’s comprehensive Canadian French language services simplify the process of both doing business and complying with legal requirements, in Canada.

Gain The Market’s Trust

Canada’s French-speaking population is largely concentrated in the Quebec province. Quebecers are rather known to be wary of outside products and businesses. Therefore, to engage with these consumers, translation is essential.

The French-speaking province also represents around 20% of Canada’s GDP, and is ranked as the 37th largest economy in the world, just behind the country of Greece. Key exports and sectors include sustainable energy, pharmaceuticals, aeronautics, and of course, maple syrup.

Bilingual Communication is the Law

French is a national language in Canada. So, you may have a legal obligation to translate business materials and marketing content into French. Businesses are required to include French translations in commercial publications, advertising, and products.

Building Partnerships

When building relationships with Canadian businesses, it’s only natural to accommodate their language and culture. Quebecers and other French Canadian speakers prefer doing business in French, and they have a legal right to insist on French interactions in business dealings.

In addition to our translation services, you may also be interested in our corporate language training courses.

Legal and Tax Documents

Whether you’re engaging in cross-border trade or submitting annual tax filings, your documentation may need to be submitted in both French and English. Wolfestone Group’s Canadian French translators specialize in complex legal filings and tax documents.

Wolfestone Group: Comprehensive Language Solutions

At Wolfestone Group, we’ve provided end-to-end translation services to major international businesses since 2006. We understand the challenges of doing business in a bilingual market. That’s why we handle 100% of your linguistics needs, including:

  • English to French Translation
  • Canadian French Interpreting
  • Subtitling and captioning
  • Voiceover
  • Multilingual SEO
  • Much more

We handle your English-to French-translations quickly and accurately, so you can focus on the day-to-day of your business.

Learn how we can tailor a translation package to your needs and budget during a free consultation.

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How Do Our Translation Services Work?

Thanks to Wolfestone Group’s robust network of translators and proprietary translation technology, we are able to deliver your English-French Canadian translation in as little as 24 hours after submission. Here’s how it works:

  1. Send Us Your Content: We accept content in any format. Send us a document or a link and our experts will begin their assessment.
  2. Get a Quote: We’ll send you a quote for your translation project within 60 minutes. For bigger jobs, we’ll meet to formulate a plan that fits your needs.
  3. We Get to Work: Native translators and localization experts translate your content, keeping your target reader in mind. We can also optimize your content for SEO, if necessary.
  4. Multipoint Quality Checks: Human and AI controls are performed to ensure your French translation is technically, stylistically, and culturally accurate. Backed by our ISO 17100:2015 certified standards.
  5. We Deliver: You receive your French Canadian translation ready to publish or submit. We can also integrate to your CMS system, or build custom API’s, and apply your translation directly to your digital channels.

Why Wolfestone Group?


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We’ve received 50+ Awards and Accreditations for Our Linguistic Services

Wolfestone Group has been a leader in the linguistic and translation services industry since 2006. We have helped dozens of major businesses around the globe succeed in the French Canadian market.

We’ve spent the last 15+ years building a team of native French Canadian translators and linguists with industry-specific expertise. From memos to marketing communications to complex tax filings, we guarantee fast and accurate French Canadian translation for all of your needs—under one roof and on one invoice. And, we offer a range of additional linguistic services in 220+ languages to help you scale without limits.

Our industry experience and unrivaled network of linguists allow us to deliver the most accurate and impactful translations fast. That’s why brands like Google, Lead Sim, and Tagger choose Wolfestone Group for translation services they can trust.

Contact Wolfestone Group now for your free consultation, and find out just how easy it can be to succeed in Canada’s bilingual market.