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Communicate with clients, customers and staff by discovering Tagalog language solutions.

Our Tagalog Language Services

Tagalog is the official language of the Philippines and is spoken by 34.3 million people worldwide. In the US alone, it is one of the most spoken languages, with an estimated 1.69 million speakers.

Through incorporating Tagalog into your internal and external communications, you will expand your audience reach and be able to employ speakers to conduct business in the Philippines.

We offer a range of services that have been designed to support your business. As well as this, we employ native linguists who will deliver fast and accurate translations, that can be tailored to your tone of voice, budget, and timeframe.

The US and the Philippines

America is one of the largest export markets of the Philippines, with $10.7 billion worth of products exported in 2022. Some of the goods include office machine parts, integrated circuits, and blank audio media.

By using accurate and professional linguistic services, you will effectively communicate with the market and will be able to negotiate deals.

America has a diverse workforce that speaks

several different languages, including Tagalog. Businesses will need to implement translated training materials and videos, to ensure everyone is safe in the workplace. By doing this, you can become an inclusive workplace.

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Our Services

We will meet 100% of your language needs, including:

  • Subtitles  
  • Subtitle Translation 
  • SDH Subtitles 
  • Live Captions 
  • Open And Closed Captions 
  • Multimedia
  • Video Editing  
  • Typesetting 
  • Transcription
  • Language
  • Localization
  • Multilingual SEO 
  • Interpretation 
  • Proofreading 
  • Relocation

Wolfestone Group has designed every language service with the client in mind. We have helped multiple organisations across a variety of industries increase their inclusivity by incorporating a range of languages into their business practices.


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Language Pairs

Wolfestone Group will meet 100% of your language needs from translation to voiceovers, we do it all. Since 2006, we have helped a number of US organizations in reaching their potential to communicate with internal and external audiences.

We are dedicated to supporting businesses that wish to operate seamlessly and accurately in Tagalog markets. We work exclusively with brands like yours to transform content and engage with clients and consumers.  

By working with a catalogue of linguists and proprietary translation technology, we can guarantee the most accurate and impactful translation services.

Are you ready to scale further? We offer an additional 220+ language pairs. Brands like HSBC, Computershare, and Zscaler choose Wolfestone Group for language services they can trust.

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