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Effectively communicate with markets, clients, and staff in the Swedish language.

Our Swedish Language Solutions

The official language of Sweden has just over 10.5 million global speakers and represent the world’s 24th largest economy, worth over $621 billion.

Sweden has a population of over 10.3 million people and a GDP per capita of around $60,000. So, by applying the Swedish language to your business communications, you will be able to publicize your products and services to an affluent external audience.

Wolfestone Group offers a variety of language solutions that have been designed with clients in mind. From Swedish voiceovers to document translation, we do it all. We work with professional linguists who will deliver accurate translations quickly.

Allow us to cover 100% of your linguistic needs and contact us today.

Swedish Export and Import Markets

In 2022, Sweden exported $12.7B worth of products to the US. These goods include cars, packaged medicaments, and refined petroleum. In fact, this export market is growing at an annual rate of 2.86%. Exports to the US include several products including plasma, vaccines, and paperboard.

Sweden also has a large import market and was named the biggest importer of wood, tar, oils and yarn in 2020. As well as this, Sweden imports other goods such as broadcasting equipment and motor parts.

By incorporating accurate and professional linguistic services, your business will effectively communicate with the Swedish market, and you will be able to negotiate better deals.  

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Our Language Services

We will meet 100% of your language needs, by offering: 

  • Interpretation  
  • Live Captions  
  • Localization 
  • Multilingual SEO  
  • Multimedia 
  • Open And Closed Captions  
  • Proofreading  
  • SDH Subtitles  
  • Subtitles   
  • Translation
  • Transcription  
  • Typesetting    

Wolfestone Group has a variety of language solutions, designed for their client's needs. We have helped multiple organizations expand internationally by incorporating a range of languages into their business practices. 

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 Since 2006, Wolfestone Group has supported organizations in effectively communicating with internal and external audiences through accurate Swedish language solutions. Wolfestone Group is a leader in this industry. We can meet 100% of language and translation needs.

We work exclusively with businesses like yours to transform content and engage with clients and consumers in over 220 language pairs, including Swedish. By working with a global network of linguists and proprietary translation technology, we will guarantee accurate and impactful translation service.

Are you ready to scale further? Brands like HSBC, Computershare, and J.P. Morgan chose Wolfestone Group for translation services they can trust. 

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