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Media and Production

Wolfestone Group will be the best supporting act for your business by meeting 100% of your language needs.

Language Solutions for Media and Production

The American media and production industry is worth $2.51 trillion, partly due to US films and tv shows being watched all over the world, including in China, France and Germany.

In fact, 23% of the movies released in China are imported from Hollywood, accounting for 50% of the Chinese box office.

By 2026, the growing sector is expected to be worth $2.93 trillion. An exciting prospect for production studios of all sizes.

Wolfestone Group’s multilingual multimedia services include voiceovers, audio description, and captioning. We will enhance your content and boost your audience, in a range of languages.

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Global Consumption of Media

Global users spend an average of 7.5 hours a day reading or listening to media content. This is expected to grow over the next 2 years, with the average American consuming 8.4 hours a day.

Introducing multilingual language solutions to your content can boost your international audience in over 220 language pairs. Multi-language services also benefit America’s diverse linguistic communities.

Our Language Services

Some of our language solutions include:


From narration to dubbing, voiceovers help to capture the tone portrayed in a movie, tv show, or documentary. Wolfestone Group works with over 2,000 professional voiceover artists to find the perfect voice for your project.


By introducing subtitles to your content, you will increase your engagement by over 80%. This service is used in the media and production sector to make tv shows or movies accessible to those who speak different languages in a variety of countries.


Transcription converts speech and audio into a written format. This will make your content inclusive and accessible to people who are deaf and hard of hearing, or non-native English speakers.

Audio Description

Audio description is a form of voiceover narration that includes non-spoken actions. From a doorbell to people smiling, these actions will be announced to explain to the user what is going on outside of the dialogue or soundtrack.


Translation can make sure your content and promotional materials aren’t limited to one language. Translate your media and boost your reach in over 220 language pairs with Wolfestone Group.


Through localization, streaming sites, film promotions, and more, are adapted to suit other countries and regions. For instance, Netflix will customize thumbnails to suit a range of cultures. By doing this, the company witnessed an 82% raise in viewing figures.

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Wolfestone Group provides a variety of language solutions that support businesses of all sizes. Since 2006, we have worked with some of the largest media and production companies, including Warner Bros.

We have first-hand experience in understanding and working with clients in your industry. Wolfestone Group is an award-winning agency, with services that are accurate, reliable, and high quality. We help organizations to grow, with customer satisfaction guaranteed.