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Voice Over Services

Amplify Your Global Reach with Multilingual Voice Overs.

Engage Global Audiences in Any Language

At Wolfestone Group, we understand that professional voice overs should do more than translate your message—they should build trust and engagement in global markets.

Our certified, niche-specific translators and top-tier voice actors guarantee an impactful delivery tailored to your audience.

We guarantee rapid and reliable voice overs in any language, and every project is backed by our industry-leading quality controls.

Expand your reach and improve your impact with professional voice over services.

Top Voice Over Talent in Every Language

Wolfestone Group has one of the largest networks of top-tier voice over artists, many of whom are on call and ready to deliver your project now.

  • Nuanced performances by top voice over artists
  • Localized messaging for regional impact
  • Human accuracy checks at every stage
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Built for the Needs of Businesses

Partner with a voice over agency that keeps you above board and ahead of the competition. Wolfestone Group’s voice over services include professional quality assurances regardless of your project’s scope.

  • Reliable communication with your dedicated project manager
  • Consistent voice over quality and turnaround
  • ISO-certified data security
  • Regional compliance checks by our regulatory team
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Voice Over Services for Every Budget

Choose from a range of voice over services to fit your business’s needs and budget, including:

Voice Over Studio
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Our Process: Professional Voice Overs

Fully Managed Multilingual Voice Overs

We tailor our VO process to the needs of your business. If you simply need a high-quality audio recording, we can do this quickly and efficiently—many of our voice over artists even have home studios to speed up the delivery.

More demanding projects undergo our comprehensive voice over process, which is described briefly below:

  1. Preparation: Time coded transcriptions are provided, with translation services available from professional translators.
  2. Localization: Scripts are transcreated and localized for the target audience, ensuring brand alignment.
  3. Quality Assurance: Before recording, human checks are performed on details such as pronunciation of brand names, project acronyms, etc. to ensure audio recording is timely and within budget.
  4. Audio Recording: High-quality audio recording is done efficiently, often utilizing voice over artists with home studios for faster delivery.
  5. Editing and Proofreading: Studio engineers edit and arrange for proofreading of foreign-language voice over recordings by native linguists.
  6. Finalization: Completed projects are uploaded in high-quality digital formats like mp3, WAV, or AIFF files.
  7. Mastering to Video: If applicable, the project is matched to the original video format and can be encoded to various media formats for final distribution.

We offer several additional services for your video and audio projects, including:

  • script editing
  • audio editing
  • sync to video
  • file splitting
  • VO translation in any language

Wolfestone Group is equipped to handle your voice over projects from end to end, so you spend less time outsourcing services and more time growing your business.

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Make Your Message Resonate with Professional Voice Over Actors.

Wolfestone Group: A Leading Voice Over Agency since 2006


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Wolfestone Group has been a leader in delivering nuanced, engaging voice overs for businesses since 2006. We understand that businesses need more than translated words. They need to maintain a consistent voice and message across borders.

We build long-term relationships with our partners to better understand their brands and goals. This enables us to match you with the right voice over actors and certified translators to suit your needs. Thanks to our 220+ translation pairs and global network of voice over talent, we have what it takes to help you thrive in any region.

Wolfestone Group’s unique approach has earned us over 50 awards and nominations throughout the years, and the trust of clients like Google, Coca-Cola, and J.P. Morgan.