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SDH Subtitles

Describe every detail with professional subtitles for the deaf and hard of hearing (SDH).

What are SDH Subtitles?

Subtitles for the Deaf and Hard of Hearing, otherwise known as SDH subtitles, are intended for audiences that are unable to hear the audio in your video content and productions. These captions do more than just display dialogue, they indicate who is speaking, the tone, sound effects, music cues, and more.

US English SDH subtitling makes your video content accessible to more than 11 million deaf and hard-of-hearing individuals in the US, while multilingual SDH subtitles can expand your reach to more than 430 million people around the globe with disabling hearing loss.

The multimedia team at Wolfestone Group is dedicated to ensuring your hard-of-hearing and deaf viewers experience the same level of engagement as your hearing viewers. We manage 100% of your subtitling needs, including scripting, syncing, burning in, and translating in 220+ language pairs. All of this is backed by the industry’s most rigorous standards of accuracy and control.

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SDH Subtitles vs. Closed Captions: What's the Difference?

SDH and Closed Captions (CC) are both subtitle options that display dialogue and describe on-screen action for hard-of-hearing audiences.

The differences lie in their appearance, location, and encoding.

Closed Captions appear as black stripes with white text. They are not often confined to the lower or top portion of the screen, so they can cover a significant part of the picture. This creates a different viewing experience for users.

SDH subtitles look like standard subtitles and are confined to the lower third of the screen. From a technical perspective, they also have more advanced encoding. SDH subtitling is supported through HDMI, while closed captioning are not.


Closed Captions

Describe Scenes

Display Dialogue

Turn On/Off

Supported through HDMI


Lower third of the screen.

Variable on screen.

Text appearance


White text on black background.

Why Use SDH Subtitling Services?

Media and entertainment is more globalized than ever. And an increasing number of viewers prefer subtitles regardless of their hearing ability. Adding SDH to your videos is a fast and affordable way to reach new viewers and support inclusivity.

Promote Accessibility

Expand the accessibility of your content to millions of disabled hearing loss viewers around the country and nearly half a billion global viewers.

Expand Your Reach

Reach millions of new viewers and entirely new audiences by adding SDH subtitles. This doesn’t just include the deaf and hard-of-hearing community. 70% of viewers prefer to watch videos without sound in public and 25% in private.

Boost SEO

SDH subtitling can improve your SEO as Google and YouTube index keywords from subtitled content. Wolfestone Group’s multilingual SEO service can help you boost your rankings with optimized keyword placement in SDH subtitles.

Improve the Viewer Experience

Captions are an integral part of the viewer experience for modern audiences. From social media viewers to hard-of-hearing audiences to non-native English speakers, Subtitles for the Deaf and Hard-of-Hearing improve comprehension and allow viewers to engage with your content on their terms.

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Wolfestone Group: Full-Service SDH Subtitling Services

Let Wolfestone Group handle 100% of your subtitling needs in any language. Our in-house team and global network of linguists ensure that your subtitles are created quickly and accurately.

We know that subtitles are more than just words. They bring the action and emotion to life for hard-of-hearing audiences and viewers on mute. We are dedicated to preserving the impact of your message with engaging subtitle composition and state-of-the-art subtitling software that guarantees a perfectly-timed sync with the action on screen.

Our Process

1. Free Consultation

A Wolfestone Group representative will work with you to develop an SDH subtitle plan that fits your project needs and budget.

2. Template Creation (optional)

Our team begins by creating an original-language template to ensure our translators accurately convey your message in the target language.

3. Subtitle Composition

Our composers are experts at communicating the unspoken nuances of your video using words. This creative service is performed by real-human captioners and never AI tools.

4. Subtitle Translation (optional)

Wolfestone Group’s professional linguists and localization experts translate your SDH subtitles into your choice of 220+ target language pairs.

5. Accuracy Check

Wolfestone Group is proud to have the highest standards of accuracy in the linguistic services industry. Your SDH subtitles undergo multiple rounds of human and AI quality controls before delivery.

6. Burning-in

We render your subtitles into the images of your content, making them a permanent part of the file. Burned-in subtitles can be toggled on and off.

7. Delivery

Your finalized subtitled content is delivered and ready to publish.

Why Wolfestone Group?


Language Pairs




Awards & Nominations

We’ve received 50+ Awards and Accreditations for Our Linguistic Services

Wolfestone Group has been a leader in the linguistic and multi-language multimedia services industry since 2006. We are proud to have worked with award-winning content creators and major businesses to improve accessibility, reach and success with SDH subtitling services.

We’ve spent years building a team of in-house subtitle composers, and we’ve developed custom software to guarantee the most engaging and impactful content for our clients.

Wolfestone Group offers professional subtitling services in all of your target languages under one roof and on one invoice. And, we offer a range of additional linguistic services such as multilingual captioning, voice dubbing, voice-over, and transcription.

Our industry experience and unrivaled network of linguists allow us to deliver the most accurate and impactful subtitles fast. That’s why brands like Google, Lead Sim, and Tagger choose Wolfestone Group for their linguistic needs.