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Do Business in Asia’s Fourth-Largest Economy with Comprehensive Korean Translation Services.

Korean Translation Services

South Korea is a thriving Asian nation with a massive consumer market, and it enjoys free trade with the US. If your company has been looking to enter the Asian market, there’s no better place to start. To engage with South Korean businesses and consumers, Korean translation is essential. While many Koreans speak English and buy international products, most prefer local brands marketed in their own language.

Wolfestone Group has been helping US businesses thrive in the booming S. Korean market since 2006. We specialize in linguistic services for businesses, and our certified native Korean translators can manage 100% of your linguistic needs, including translation for marketing, websites, international trade, tax and accounting, legal documents, and much more.

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Why Does Your Business Need Korean Translation?

South Korea is America’s 6th largest trading partner. Since the passage of the United States-Korea Free Trade Agreement (KORUS FTA) in 2007, American businesses have benefited from tariff-free trade with South Korea. But linguistic challenges have prevented many companies from taking advantage of this new trade relationship.

Here’s why your business should consider Korean translation services:

Reach New Affluent Markets

South Koreans love to spend money. The nation is now the 10th largest luxury market in the world, and consumer spending is growing rapidly across the board. Savvy businesses know that gaining a foothold in S. Korea now is essential to remaining competitive in the future.

Opportunities for Trade

The US and South Korea’s free trade agreement is just 15 years young, and many businesses have yet to explore consumer markets and supply chain opportunities in the Asian nation. Wolfestone Group’s certified translators are experts at handling complex trade and legal documents so you can do business without tariffs or language barriers.

Localized Success

S. Korea is home to many dialects — each region has unique cultural and linguistic traits. In a nation where consumers prefer to shop local brands, your success depends on localized accuracy. Wolfestone Group’s native Korean translators localize your communications for regional engagement.

Boost eCommerce Sales

South Korea is the 6th largest eCommerce market in the world, ahead of France and Germany. Korean website translation is an easy and cost-effective way to tap into the rapidly growing digital marketplace in South Korea.

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Wolfestone Group: Language Solutions for 100% of Your Business Needs

The South Korean business landscape is one of the best in the world, and American firms have a unique advantage thanks to a free trade relationship between the two nations. However, there are major cultural and linguistic hurdles to overcome when entering the South Korean market. From building business relationships to marketing to consumers, localized communications in Korean are a must.

Wolfestone Group specializes in linguistics services for American businesses in S. Korea. Our certified translators are on call 24/7, enabling you to achieve bilingual communications without affecting the pace of your day-to-day. Whether it’s an internal meme or complex international trade documents, our native linguists are able to deliver quickly and accurately.

Wolfestone Group does much more than just translation. We manage 100% of your linguistic needs under one roof and on one invoice, including:

  • Korean to English Translation
  • Korean Interpreting
  • Subtitling and Captioning
  • Voiceover
  • Multilingual SEO
  • Much more

Find out how Wolfestone Group can simplify your business movements and improve your competitive edge with comprehensive linguistic services. Schedule your free consultation now.

How Do Our Translation Services Work?

Wolfestone Group’s robust network of translators and our proprietary translation technology ensure the delivery of your Korean translation in as little as 24 hours after submission. Here’s how it works:

  1. Send Us Your Content: We accept content in any format. Send us a document or a link and our experts will begin their assessment.
  2. Get a Quote: We’ll send you a quote for your translation project within 60 minutes. For bigger jobs, we’ll meet to formulate a plan that fits your needs.
  3. We Get to Work: Native translators and localization experts translate your content, keeping your target reader in mind. We can also optimize your content for SEO, if necessary.
  4. Multipoint Quality Checks: Human and AI controls are performed to ensure your Korean translation is technically, stylistically, and culturally accurate. Backed by our ISO 17100:2015 certified standards.
  5. We Deliver: You receive your Korean translation ready to publish or submit. We can also integrate to your CMS system, or build custom APIs, and apply your translation directly to your digital channels.

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Why Wolfestone Group?


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We’ve received 50+ Awards and Accreditations for Our Linguistic Services

Wolfestone Group has been a leader in the linguistic and translation services industry since 2006. We have helped dozens of major US businesses thrive in South Korea with impactful Korean translation services.

We’ve spent the last 15+ years building a team of native Korean translators with the aim of meeting the linguistic needs of businesses in fast-paced markets. Our industry experience and unrivaled network of certified translators allow us to deliver the most accurate and impactful translations fast. And, we offer a range of additional linguistic services in 220+ languages to help you scale without limits.

Find out why brands like Google, Lead Sim, and Tagger choose Wolfestone Group for translation services they can trust.

Wolfestone Group is your linguistics partner in South Korea. Get in touch now to find out how we can remove the cultural and linguistic barriers to doing business in Asia’s fourth-largest economy.