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Urgent Translation Requests

At Wolfestone Group, we have been providing professional urgent translation since 2006 – ensuring clients meet tight deadlines.

What is Urgent Translation?

From legal documents to certificates, our urgent service offers high-quality, accurate translation with a quick turnaround time.

This service is best suited for large volumes of text, plus internal documents, and communications.

Through urgent translation, a document can be completely converted in a few days or weeks. This can be tailored to meet your company’s deadline and needs.

Do you need to meet a tight deadline? Contact us today for a quote in 60 minutes.

Our Urgent Translation Service

We understand that one of the core factors of any business is the urgency in which certain tasks need to be done, no matter the size. To combat this, we have created a plan to work on vital translation requests with full transparency.

Our urgent translation services are available in over 220 languages, for all industries, including financial, medical, manufacturing, marketing, and tech.


Tell us about your urgent project and we'll get back to you in 60 minutes.

The Process

This service involves a simple 3-step process, which is as follows:

1. Send us the text or document

The first step is to supply the text or document that needs to be translated.

If you are trusting an agency with sensitive information, it is important to know the data in the text is always protected.

Wolfestone Group is an ISO-accredited company, holding 3 certificates. ISO is an acronym for International Organization for Standardization and is awarded to businesses complying with a set of standards, practices, and frameworks.

  • ISO 17100:2015 is the international standard for the translation industry
  • ISO 9001:2015 is to improve efficiency and operational excellence
  • ISO 27001:2013 is used for information security management certification

2. Choose the language you want

Once the piece of text or document has been confirmed, it will need to be translated into your target language.

Therefore, you need to pick a translation agency that can do the language you desire. Here at Wolfestone Group, we can accommodate over 220 languages, including Spanish, Chinese, and Tagalog.

3. Decide your deadline and budget

The deadline and budget are set and controlled by you.

We understand that set timeframes are critical, as they let us know when the project needs to be completed. Wolfestone Group will also discuss your budget to better understand your options. We always provide a quality service, as our 99.5% customer satisfaction rate shows.

Innovative Technology

We are continuously working on new developments in our translation technology.

The aim is to ensure our customers receive the absolute best service with the introduction of sophisticated translation tools. This allows us to streamline our solutions.

  • Translation Management: Our Translation Management System is a state-of-the-art tool, supporting our clients, and saving time and money on their projects.
  • CAT Tools: We have recently improved our technology, launching a new interactive CAT tool which allows translators to finish your project at least three to four times faster.
  • AI Translation: Our sophisticated technology can be used on generic engines for ad hoc projects, or can be individualized for each clients, to build up a bank of personalized translations in a secure network.
  • CMS Connector: We have a cost-effective solution to take out the stress of website translation for you. It allows for direct connection to a client’s CMS, meaning no copy and pasting of existing content into spreadsheets and no formatting. This significantly reduces the time spent on a project.

Why Wolfestone Group?


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Awards and Nominations

Wolfestone Group offers award-winning translation services for clients and projects of all sizes, including some of the world's best-known organizations and institutions.

Since 2006, we have been proudly offering professional urgent translation, along with outstanding customer support – working closely with our clients to understand their goals and helping them to achieve deadlines.

Our reliable, accurate, and quick urgent translation can help your organization grow and communicate instantly.