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Legal Document Translation

Looking for reliable and professional legal translation services for your documentation? Wolfestone Group can help.

Why use legal document translation services?

When it comes to legal documentation, being clearly understood and conveying your message accurately is vital. Professional legal translation services ensure that your legal documents are translated with total accuracy, no matter your requirements.

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What can legal document translation services help you with?

At Wolfestone, our team recognizes and meets the distinct needs of each legal specialism whilst delivering the precise translation and localization that our clients need. Our rigorous approach is the reason that Wolfestone Group is the partner of choice for global companies and in-house counsel seeking a professional legal translation service.

We will work with you to devise a tailored solution for your needs and are committed to complete customer satisfaction, bolstering our translation service offer with outstanding customer service and dedicated project managers.

Which documents can a professional legal translation service translate?

Our expert team is equipped to offer a range of useful services, delivering each service with accuracy, effectiveness and within a short timeframe. We regularly translate:

  • Legal document translation
  • Commercial contracts
  • Legal contracts
  • Patents
  • Certified translation
  • Summary translation
  • Transcription
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What’s usually included with professional legal document translation?

We offer comprehensive professional legal services to meet your requirements, and our expert team works across many different languages. Our team will take the time to get to understand your needs—utilizing their legal experience to do so—before translating and localizing your collateral. They'll ensure that the translated legal documentation will be totally understood by your target audience.

Our highly-qualified team is also supported by the very best linguistic technology which ensures our customers receive a high-quality service at a price that suits their budget.

High-level encryption, stringent data protection processes, and multiple back-ups throughout the project will also ensure that your data is secure and cannot be lost.

What is the professional legal translation process?

After exporting your legal collateral to one of our team, we will analyze your documentation and discuss services levels, cost, expectations, and timeline with you before giving you a quote. Once this is agreed, we will review the project, host a kick-off meeting with you and start translating your documentation.

Our team of expert, industry-appropriate linguists will work on translating your content accurately and effectively. All our legal translators have at least 5 years of sector-specific translation experience and industry-relevant qualifications, alongside a relevant legal qualification. This way, we ensure you the ultimate quality and accuracy in legal document translation services. When entrusting Wolfestone with your legal needs, rest assured—we posted a 99.15% customer satisfaction rate for 2020.

Your legal collateral can also be localized to be best understood by your audience. This process involves editing any terms of phrases that are not relevant to your target audience and ensuring your legal collateral can be understood effectively—which is vital when dealing with important legal matters.

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With Wolfestone, it is more than simply a client/provider relationship. We truly regard them as a partner, an extension of our team.

Isabella Muma, Marketing Content and Localization Specialist EMEA

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Wolfestone Group offers award-winning professional translation services for clients and projects of all sizes, including some of the world's best-known organizations and institutions. Since 2006, we’ve been proudly offering professional legal translation services and outstanding customer support, working closely with our clients to understand their goals and how our services can help achieve them.

Our years of experience in the translation industry mean that we’re well-positioned to tackle a range of legal collateral across both the corporate and business sectors and have been—and continue to be—trusted by a range of organizations.