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Open Captioning Services

Customize text and improve viewer experiences with our professional open captioning service.

What are Open Captions?

Open captions are subtitles that are “burned in” to the video file, making them a permanent part of the on-screen image. Unlike closed captions, open captions cannot be turned on and off.

Open captions give the content creator greater control over the viewer experience. They are often used when captioned information is critical to understanding the scene or message. For example, if a character speaks in a fictional language, permanent open captions would ensure viewer comprehension.

Because open captions are permanent, they are highly customizable - before they are burned in. Brands can choose the color, font and size of the captions to make a greater impact.

The multimedia team at Wolfestone Group manages 100% of your open captioning needs from scripting to “burning in” to multilingual captioning in 220+ language pairs. We understand that creative flexibility is a big benefit of open captioning, which is why we offer thousands of creative options to fit your brand—we can even accommodate custom fonts exclusive to your content. Our open caption services are backed by the industry’s highest standards of accuracy.

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Open Captions vs. Closed Captions: What's the Difference?

The primary difference between open and closed captions is that open captions are a part of the video file (burned into the image) and closed captions are a separate file that can be turned on or off.

Open Captions

Closed Captions

Number of files

1 (video)

2 (video + captions)

Can be turned on/off

Customizable (font, size, color)

Can affect visibility of the images on-screen

Prefered by deaf and hard-of-hearing viewers

Why Use Open Subtitling Services?

Open captions allow brands and content creators to improve the comprehension of their message while expanding their reach to new audiences.

Improve Accessibility

Open subtitles make your video content accessible to more than 11 million Americans who are deaf or heard of hearing and 50 million who are hearing impaired. According to surveys, these audiences prefer open captions to closed captions.

Better for Branding

The look and feel of your captions affect your brand’s identity, especially to hearing-impaired viewers. Take creative control with open captions by choosing a size, font, and color that fits your brand and improves engagement.

Simplified Viewer Experience

With open captions, viewers don’t need any tech know-how to display the captions. Everything is done for them. This can be helpful to hearing-impaired viewers, many of whom are elderly and less tech-savvy.

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Wolfestone Group: End-to-End Open Subtitling Services

Take creative control over your captions with Wolfestone Group’s open captioning services. Our multimedia team manages your open captions end-to-end—from scripting to burning-in—and we can even translate your captions into 220+ language pairs. Our 15+ years of experience ensure that your captions are delivered promptly and accurately.

At Wolfestone Group, we know that open captions are more than words. They define the meaning of your message for hard-of-hearing audiences, and they impact your brand’s identity. We strive to create open captions that convey the emotion and meaning of your content while improving accessibility.

Our Process

1. Free Consultation

Talk to a Wolfestone Group representative about your project. We’ll develop an open caption plan that fits your needs and budget.

2. Caption Composition

Our caption scriptwriters choose their words wisely to describe the atmosphere, emotion, musical cues, and more in your video.

3. Caption Translation (optional)

Add open captions in 220+ language pairs to improve viewer experiences around the globe. Wolfestone Group manages all translation and localization in-house.

4. Accuracy Check

Wolfestone Group’s industry-topping accuracy standards have earned us a 99.5% satisfaction rating from clients. We employ multiple rounds of human and AI quality controls to ensure your open captions convey your message accurately in the target language.

5. Burning-in

We finalize your open captions by burning them into the video, making them a permanent part of the file.

6. Delivery

Your video content with open captions is delivered and ready to distribute.

Why Wolfestone Group?


Language Pairs


Awards & Nominations



We’ve received 50+ Awards and Accreditations for Our Linguistic Services

Wolfestone Group has been a leader in the linguistic and multimedia services industry since 2006. We are proud to have worked with award-winning content creators and major businesses to improve accessibility and reach with open caption services.

Over the past 16 years, we’ve built a team of open captioning experts consisting of creative scriptwriters, design experts, and translators. We offer more creative options for your open captions than any other agency.

We also provide a range of additional linguistic services such as SDH subtitles, voice dubbing, voice-over and transcription. Wolfestone Group’s professional linguists take care of 100% of your linguistic needs under one roof and on one invoice.

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