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Multilingual Voiceovers

Wolfestone Group works with you to deliver professional, high-quality, and affordable multilingual voice overs for your project.

Multilingual Voice Over Services

From corporate and e-learning to social media and multilingual advertising, you can trust Wolfestone Group to give your project the perfect voice.

We only work with the industry's most talented and experienced voice overs artists, handpicked to guarantee exceptional results.

What Type Of Voice Over Do I Need?

At Wolfestone Group, we know that our clients' needs will differ from project to project. One of the reasons that we're so successful is that we will work with you to understand your objectives.

For example, some of our clients will require broadcast-trained voice over artists for commercials, whilst others require a professional, friendly voice with warm tones for child-friendly e-learning projects.

No matter whether you're a large or small company, we deliver rapid turnaround times and competitive pricing.

Our Workflows

You can trust Wolfestone Group to oversee the entire project from beginning to end. If you simply need a high-quality audio recording, we can do this quickly and efficiently – many of our voice over artists even have access to home studios to speed up the delivery. We can also provide additional services including: video editing, motion captions, subtitling, and the majority of digital multimedia production requirements.

When kicking off the project, we can supply a time coded transcription and have it translated by one of our highly professional translators if required. Our account managers will arrange for timecoded scripts to be transcreated and localized to ensure the content is on-brand for your target audience.

At Wolfestone Group, we also prioritise quality assurance. Where needed, we'll seek agreement on everything from pronunciation of brand names to project acronyms on multilingual projects.

The Finished Product

On completion of all foreign language voice over recordings, our studio engineers will edit and arrange proofreading prior to uploading and forwarding the finished project in the required high-quality digital format, usually mp3, wav, or an aiff file.

If the voice over project is mastered to video, distribution will normally match the original format, including video format, screen size, and data rates, however, Wolfestone engineers can encode digital outputs to all popular media formats and file sizes that the customer requires for final distribution, including mp4, avi, or mov files.

Why Wolfestone Group?


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Wolfestone Group is an award-winning, one-stop shop for all translation and language solutions.

Wolfestone Group provides voice over, transcription, and subtitling services to companies all over the world, as well as all translation and localization services.

Working in over 220+ languages pairs, we're the partner of choice for every company with global ambitions.

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