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Closed Captioning Services

Improve accessibility, SEO and social media engagement with professional closed captioning services.

What are Closed Captions?

Closed captions are similar to subtitles. They appear as text on the bottom of your screen. But unlike subtitles, closed captions also describe non-verbal cues for hearing-impaired audiences, such as sound effects and music. Closed captions appear as a black strip with white text, and the viewer can turn them on or off.

Captions are available for most TV programs, social media videos, and streaming content, and as many as 80% of all viewers (hearing impaired and hearing) watch content with captions. This makes closed captioning a must for successful brands and content creators.

Wolfestone Group has been a leader in closed captioning services since 2006. Our multimedia team understands that captions are more than just words. We are dedicated to conveying the impact of your message to hearing-impaired audiences and viewers on mute in 220+ languages.

Important: Depending on the scope of your project, you may be required to caption your videos to comply with accessibility legislation like the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA). A Wolfestone Group representative can explain your accessibility compliance needs during a free consultation.

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Closed Captions vs. Open Captions: What's the Difference?

The primary difference between closed captions and open captions is that closed captions can be toggled on or off, whereas open captions are permanently burned into the video file and cannot be turned off. Learn more about open captions.

Both opinions have benefits.

Open Captions

Closed Captions

Number of files

1 (video)

2 (video + captions)

Can be turned on/off

Customizable (font, size, color)

Black strip with white text

Improves SEO

Why Use Closed Captioning Services?

Closed captioning is growing in popularity among all viewers, making it an essential feature for your video content. Moreover, captioning expands your reach to hundreds of millions of new viewers, including disabled audiences, non-native speakers, and viewers on mute.

Ensure Accessibility Compliance

Accessibility compliance regulations such as the ADA and WCAG are expanding captioning requirements. Closed captions can help you comply with regulators while making your content accessible to everyone.

Improve Social Media and Streaming Engagement

About 85% of videos on social media are watched on mute. Without captions, your video content will not engage most viewers. Videos with captions get up to 40% more views, and over 90% of viewers watch captioned videos until the end.

Boost SEO

Closed captions enable Google to index keywords in your video content, improving your rankings in Google and YouTube search results. Wolfestone Group’s multilingual SEO team can help you optimize keywords in your captions in any language.

Improve Your Reach

Adding closed captions to your video content is one of the most effective and affordable ways to reach a larger audience. In the USA alone, expand your reach to 50M hearing-impaired viewers, 200M+ who watch videos on mute and 180M Netflix subscribers who watch content with captions.

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Wolfestone Group: Comprehensive Closed Captioning Services

Wolfestone Group’s professional closed captioning service covers 100% of your closed captioning needs. You won’t have to worry about the integrity of your message or accessibility compliance.

We know that closed captions are more than just words. We employ a blend of AI tools and human caption composers to convey meaning, emotion, and impact to your viewers. And, we offer a range of additional services, including multilingual captioning, SEO, open captions, and more.

Our Process

1. Free Consultation

A Wolfestone Group representative will develop a closed captioning plan that fits your budget and your project needs.

2. Caption Composition

Our in-house human caption composers work with custom AI tools developed by Wolfestone Group to deliver impactful captions quickly.

3. Caption Translation (optional)

Expand your reach to global audiences with closed captions translated into your choice of 220+ languages, including Spanish, French, Mandarin, and Tagalog.

4. Accuracy Check

Wolfestone Group is proud to have the highest standards of accuracy in the linguistic services industry. Your closed captions undergo multiple rounds of AI and human quality controls before delivery.

5. Delivery

You receive your closed caption file perfectly synced with your video content and ready to publish.

Why Wolfestone Group?


Language Pairs





Wolfestone Group has been a leader in the linguistic and subtitling services industry since 2006. We’re proud to have helped hundreds of businesses improve accessibility and reach millions of new viewers with premium closed captions.

Wolfestone Group provides 100% of your closed captioning services under one roof and one invoice. Because we manage your captions with a professional in-house team, we are able to deliver a standard of accuracy, security, and quick delivery that other firms just can’t.

For accurate and impactful closed captions in any language, make Wolfestone Group your linguistics partner.

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