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Multilingual Label Compliance

Confidently export across the globe with our multilingual compliant labeling solutions.

The Importance of Label Compliance

Is your product used for treatment, consumption, or beautification? Then the labels need to be accurate. This is true for food, drinks, makeup, and medicine.

Your customers need to be safe when using your products, so it’s essential that they can understand key information and safety warnings. This means the warnings need to be in their language.

It is often mandatory for a product’s labeling to meet the requirements of the region it is traded in to avoid legal issues.

These requirements are the responsibility of the exporter, and they must be followed so that the packaging is clear for the consumer. However, laws and rules are specific to different regions, meaning they can vary wildly. This makes compliance challenging.

Wolfestone Group can make it easier.

Our specialists offer a complaint label report. This report lays out all the steps you need to take in order to trade a product in your target market whilst remaining compliant. Whatever the label type, whatever the region – just ask.

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Our Process

It starts with a conversation. Chat with one of our experienced salespeople about your needs.

Depending on what phase of product development you’re in, we’ll adapt what happens next.

Our process can then vary slightly, depending on what point of the product cycle you are in. For example, you could require initial checks, ingredient reviews, or a final evaluation.

One of our experts on compliant labeling will then provide you with a report. This will highlight the areas that need to be altered, and show you what parts of your label are ready to go!

In the US, many products and commodities have to comply with the Fair Packaging and Labeling Act (FPLA) and Uniform Packaging and Labeling Regulation (UPLR), but other countries will have different laws. Due to this, the changes you need to make will be different, based on your target market.

Wolfestone Group is here to support you, so you can find success wherever you’re trading.

The Benefits of Multilingual Labeling

Besides being legally necessary, compliant labels are helpful to you, and to your consumer!

Any key information that your customers may use to decide to buy you product should be found on the label. Plus, if compliance requirements aren’t met, you won’t be able to trade your product in your target market at all.

So, a compliant label means better sales, and clearer information for your consumer.

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Global Reach: Take your business to any market, big or small. Our services span 220+ language pairs and employ linguists who specialize in dozens of industries, including medical, legal, financial services, and marketing.

Tailored Language Solutions: Only pay for the services you need. We tailor plans for your business and budget. Wolfestone Group is proud to work with both major corporate clients and small businesses alike.

Rapid and Responsive: We pride ourselves on our speed of service. Contact us and you will hear back within hours. You will then meet your dedicated account manager or specialist on your project, with our rapid translation service being delivered within 24 hours.

The Highest Standards of Accuracy: Our editing and quality control is the most rigorous in the industry. We employ multiple rounds of human and AI controls to ensure that your content suits multiple metrics, such as meaning, tone, register, and more.

Backed by Security and Technology: We are one of the few agencies in our sector to have our commitment to data and tech security internationally recognized by the prestigious ISO 9001:2015, ISO 17100:2015, and ISO 27001:2013.