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Multilingual Desktop Publishing (DTP)

User manuals, annual reports, and marketing flyers; our multilingual desktop publishing (DTP) services can optimize your creations.

What is DTP?

Desktop Publishing (DTP) involves using a computer to design materials, such as flyers, brochures, and booklets, for the intended use of printing.

DTP allows brands to publish high-quality content for internal and external audiences, and in the case of multilingual DTP, organizations can produce translated materials specifically designed and formatted for international markets – taking the expansion and contraction of different languages into account.

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Why Use Multilingual DTP Services?

Did you know that, when translating from English to Japanese, text can expand by up to 60% – meaning text takes up far more space on any webpage or document.

With translation from one language into another having such a huge impact on design and formatting, how can brands ensure their publishable materials are 100% print-ready?

Professional desktop publishing guarantees that your content is both aesthetically pleasing and well-designed, as well as making grammatical and linguistic sense in the new desired language.

Wolfestone Group's DTP specialists are on hand to work with our translation team to ensure your content looks as good as it did in the source language – all while maintaining the same context and impact.

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Why Choose Wolfestone Group?

Our highly skilled designers work closely with professional linguists to deliver success and meet your project's goals. We have expertise across numerous sectors, having worked on DTP projects for a variety of clients, from luxury brochures to highly technical manuals.

What really sets us apart is our experience in localization and the full-service approach. We will discuss with you the appropriateness of images and layouts for specific markets. And for some projects, we have dealt directly with printers, who aren’t always used to working with documents in different multilingual formats, such as Arabic brochures which read right to left.

Your translated text can be delivered in almost any PC or Mac format.

Our multilingual DTP services can be used for the creation of the following:

• Magazines
• Company newsletters
• Brochures
• Catalogues
• Newspapers
• User manuals
• Books
• Pamphlets
• Annual reports
• Flyers

We use Apple Macs and PCs and work with:

• Adobe InDesign
• Quark Xpress
• Adobe Illustrator
• Adobe Photoshop
• Adobe FrameMaker

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