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North Wales Live: Welsh language fails which show why you shouldn't rely on Google Translate

Some companies haven't got it quite right when it comes to the Welsh language. Wolfestone talks to North Wales Live to explain why.

Wolfestone, Wales' largest translation firm, told North Wales Live that investing in Welsh translation should be a priority for a business "if they want to be taken seriously by customers".

The firm said: "There's never been a more crucial time for small and medium businesses to stand out from the crowd and, with a growing number of speakers, Welsh offers a treasure trove of untapped marketing and branding opportunities.

"Investing in Welsh can inspire customer loyalty, attract new customers and ultimately increase sales - but these efforts could prove futile if the words used are misspelled, incorrect or inaccurate.

"It seems that, although companies are making a visible attempt to use Welsh, many keep getting it wrong - as we've seen from the numerous Welsh language signage blunders recently.

Read the full article here.

Investing in professional Welsh translation services should be a priority for companies based in Wales if they want to be taken seriously by their customers.

Alex Parr, Wolfestone Managing Director

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