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Wolfestone Supports Local Food Bank

This November, Wolfestone is helping out local people in Swansea by supporting the Swansea Foodbank, and is urging others to get involved. According to Oxfam, two children in every classroom in the UK arrive at school having eaten no food due to poverty. Oxfam says one in five people in the UK live in poverty, and organisations like Swansea Food Bank aim to help those in need. Swansea Food Bank a non-profit organisation where families that are going hungry can go to get food. Donations are handed out to those in need on a voucher basis, issued by doctors, health visitors, social workers or police. Those in need are also assigned to agencies, which try to solve their longer-term problems. According to the Trussell Trust, which runs more than 400 food banks across the UK, the number of people relying on food banks has risen to over 350,000 people this year. Research suggests a third of those being helped are children. In the weeks leading up to Christmas, Wolfestone employees will be collecting food to help those affected by food shortage, and donating to Swansea Food Bank. Account manager Helen Courtney explains the reason behind joining the Swansea food bank project: “As a company we feel a responsibility to the community we operate in. This year we thought as a company we could help the less fortunate in Swansea.” A typical shopping list for a food bank can consist of tinned fruit, fish, meat, pasta and biscuits, while other essentials like nappies and toilet paper can also be added. Helen Courtney added: “Every company that gets involved can make a difference, so we’re urging others to do the same. There are so many families that are not able to afford to feed their families in the lead up to Christmas, and we hope that our donations help them through the period.” The message from Swansea Foodbank and Wolfestone is clear. Even by donating a little you can help to improve the situation for people in Swansea this Christmas.

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