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Wolfestone Renews Support of Translators Without Borders

Since 2011, Translators without Borders has translated 25,595,651 words for non-profits worldwide. (That is more than $1 million in translations every year that non-profits put back into their programmes.) They also have trained new translators in Kenya to increase access to knowledge in Swahili, responded to crises throughout the world to ensure populations understand aid workers, helped Syrian refugees get critical information in Arabic and greatly increased access to Wikipedia medical articles in 40 languages. And so much more!

Access to knowledge in a native language is critical to empowerment. As stated by Unicef, “As many as 40 percent of child deaths could be prevented with improved family and community care—not through high-tech health equipment, but though access to solid knowledge, support and basic supplies.” Translation without Borders have dedicated themselves to provide clear, concise interpretation to NGOs all across the world to ensure that critical information is clear and correct.

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Here at Wolfestone, we love the work that they are doing and have renewed our support again by donating another $1000. It is a mighty cause that requires continued support to actualise its ideal of providing cultures with accurate translation in key information like medical information, instructions and so on. As a dominant language, we can sometimes take the information and education that we are fortunate to have for granted. Other cultures are not so lucky and lack the education, information and language needed to access websites that provide critical information. That is why we continue to donate to the worthwhile cause. Please join us.


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