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Wolfestone Renews Sponsorship of Translators without Borders

Wolfestone is thrilled to announce its extended support of the Translators without Borders organisation by renewing its Bronze-level sponsorship.
Wolfestone is thrilled to announce its extended support of the Translators without Borders organisation by renewing its Bronze-level sponsorship.Translators without Borders (TWB) is a non-profit organisation which aims to bridge language gaps that occur during critical humanitarian efforts worldwide. Established in 1993, TWB translates more than five million words per year, providing vital, often life-saving, information to people in their own language by connecting non-profit organisations with a community of professional translators.Translators without Borders Bronze SponsorRenewing its membership for a fifth year running, Wolfestone recognises the incredible work carried out by TWB and offers its continued support to ensure the longevity and success of this worthwhile cause.Commenting on Wolfestone’s decision to renew its sponsorship, Roy Allkin, co-director, said: “At Wolfestone, we wholeheartedly share the passion and commitment shown by Translators without Borders to helping communities thrive through language. Access to such important information is invaluable, and that’s why we’re pleased to continue our support of the Translators without Borders organisation through the renewal of our Bronze-level sponsorship.

The journey so far

To date, TWB has worked with more than 3,700 translators, and has translated 40,432,894 words in over 150 languages in the areas of crisis relief, health and education. The organisation has responded to urgent crisis around the world, providing access to information for those affected by traumatic events such as the European refugee crisis, the Ebola crisis and the Nepal earthquake.World without borders thanks to the work Translators without BordersAimee Ansari, Executive Director of Translators without Borders, adds: “We are incredibly grateful to Wolfestone for its assistance, which is critical to enable us, in turn, to support more humanitarian work around the globe.”By maintaining a global network of professional translators, TWB help non-profit organisations to overcome the language barriers faced by crisis response aid workers, increasing the information and services they can provide and nurturing the understanding, respect and dignity needed during calamitous events.

Wolfestone’s continued sponsorship

Managing Director, Alex Parr: “As a language provider, we understand how important financial support is to a non-profit organisation like Translators without Borders. It’s not just their response to crisis, but their unwavering commitment to educating communities through resources and training centres. With our sponsorship, we want to ensure that this great work is preserved for the benefit of communities long into the future.”Wolfestone is proud to offer its sponsorship to Translation Without Borders, and to help them achieve their vision of “A world where knowledge knows no language barriers”.For more information and to volunteer or donate, please visit the TWB website or follow them on Twitter or Facebook.

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