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The field of translation lends itself well to global expansion.
09butWolfestone Translation Goes International The field of translation lends itself well to global expansion. However, few translation companies have succeeded in offering a high quality service across the globe. Operating successfully in different economies, languages and countries in general is a hard task. Yet a Swansea-based translation company is doing just that. Wolfestone Translation Ltd established itself in the UK in 2005. Since then, it has become one of the most recognisable and trusted translation companies in the UK, with clients ranging from the BBC to IBM. Aside from translation, the company offers services including interpreting, elocution training, voice overs, to name but a few.  Their use of highly-qualified linguists and modern technology means that Wolfestone is flying high above the rest, and with their recent expansion into Europe, things can only continue to get better. Wolfestone have refused to rest on their laurels. No longer content with providing basic language services, the company has expanded into new areas such as sign language translation, elocution training and subtitling. Furthermore, Wolfestone is no longer a small seaside company, sitting quietly on the Swansea coast. This week saw the opening of Wolfestone’s first overseas office, in Germany. The company hopes to mirror the success of their UK branch by providing the same high quality service and customer care. Roy Allkin, Operations Director, explains the reasons behind choosing Germany: "After extensive research it became obvious that Germany was the best first step to expand internationally. We already have a solid client base in Germany and so it seemed the ideal location to open our first overseas office." The new office is based in Vohenstrauß, Bavaria and is headed by Project Manager Albert Herrmann, a graduate of business administration and a former intern of Wolfestone UK. Albert comments that "It's a great pleasure and of course a challenge to work and operate under one of the leading names in the UK Translation industry. Our German branch will reflect the same goals as our UK counterpart in order to provide a professional, high quality, low cost, efficient translation service." The German office will be responsible for dealing with the translation needs of companies based not only in Germany but also in Austria and Switzerland. The German website www.wolfestonetranslation.de is now up and running and hopes to follow in the successful footsteps of its UK predecessor www.wolfestone.co.uk. This expansion is important not only for the company as a whole but for Welsh business. It is an example of how a local business can expand into Europe, whilst maintaining the same high standards which are expected of any UK-based company. Wolfestone Translation is benefiting from the support of International Business Wales (IBW) who are 100% behind ambitious businesses ready to enter global markets." Indeed, the translation industry is one that operates via the internet and email. So one may question the need for additional offices in other countries. Surely this simply increases overheads? This assumption is where so many other companies go wrong. The reasoning behind this new office, and hopefully a chain of offices across the globe in the future, is that Wolfestone Translation values its relationship with clients above all else. Anna Bastek, Marketing Director of Wolfestone translation comments: "Clients need to know who they are dealing with, they need to know that they can reach the company at all times and communicate in any language they wish, regardless of the time difference and location. By developing a chain of offices across each continent, Wolfestone will be able to deal with this demand. So while those in the UK office may be tucked up in bed, an important translation could be urgently needed in China or Australia. A network of offices will ensure that someone is always on hand to talk to and deal with the query. Customer satisfaction is paramount, and Wolfestone Translation will stop at nothing to achieve the best possible service." Wolfestone Translation: getting it right means as much to us as it does to you.

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