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Wolfestone Holdings Announces GDPR Compliance

With the upcoming 25th May deadline for GDPR compliance, Wolfestone Holdings is pleased to announce that its three brands are fully compliant with the new data protection regulations.

Wolfestone Holdings Announces GDPR Compliance

May 14, 2018With the upcoming GDPR deadline of May 25th fast approaching, Wolfestone Holdings is pleased to announce that its Privacy Notices for all three brands – Wolfestone, Robertson Languages International and VoiceBox – have been amended in line with the enhanced data protection regulations set to be introduced.The EU’s General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) is a drastic update to the current data protection guidelines. It seeks to give people more control over how organisations not only obtain people’s data but also how they use and store it.Addition to Wolfestone’s Already Secure ProcessImage of European Union with a lock in the middle, depicting the EU's new GDPR policies.Managing Director of Wolfestone, Alex Parr, commented: “The new GDPR is set to have a significant impact over how companies collect and use people’s data. Wolfestone has always ensured that the security of our clients’ data is of paramount importance. With the introduction of the GDPR, though, our customers can rest assured that there’s another level of guarantee over their personal data.”As part of the process of making Wolfestone compliant with GDPR, it has been necessary to update the company’s Privacy Notice. Depending on people’s partnership with Wolfestone – whether it be a client or provider relationship – there are now privacy notices to suit each specific situation.Alex Parr added: "We're fortunate that at Wolfestone we gave ourselves plenty of time to think about our processes and areas of our business that could be affected by the GDPR. Over a 12-month period, we've held regular senior management meetings and meetings with our solicitors then implemented the necessary changes gradually. This approach has really paid off in the long run as we're GDPR-compliant with time to spare!"Translating GDPRAs companies across the world prepare for the upcoming GDPR deadline, Wolfestone has seen a large increase in translation requests for privacy policies and documents. Wolfestone Sales Manager, Craig Alliss, said: "Not only have we been in the process of updating our own privacy notices and workflows, but we've also been helping other companies realise their goals of being GDPR-compliant. Clients are embracing GDPR and tailoring their privacy policies for the target countries of their business."Craig Alliss continued: "In being well prepared and sorting our own policies well in advance, we've be able to use our own experiences of preparing for GDPR to become the perfect translation partner for our clients."Deciphering Data ProtectionWolfestone has created a webpage specifically dedicated to GDPR, which links to all relevant policies and forms. However, we’re always available to talk through any concerns you may have. Simply contact our Data Protection Officer (DPO) at dpo@wolfestone.co.uk.Wolfestone’s Data Protection Officer, Norbert Pietrzak, said: “We’re confident that our Privacy Notices will give our translators and clients the clarity they need about how and why their data is used when partnering with Wolfestone. Should any of our partners have any queries related to GDPR, please feel free to contact us."For more information on how GDPR will function when it comes into force, take a look at our blog! What GDPR Means for the Translation Industry

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