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Wolfestone Finalist in South Wales Chamber of Commerce Awards

Wolfestone shortlisted by the South Wales Chamber of Commerce as a finalist for the Welsh Business Awards 2016.
Wolfestone has recently been shortlisted by the South Wales Chamber of Commerce as a finalist for the Commitment to skills & people development award at the Welsh Business Awards 2016. Roy Allkin, co-director of Wolfestone, said of the nomination: “We are immensely proud to have been shortlisted for this award. At Wolfestone, we are committed to the development and career progression of our staff. We aim to enhance the skills and abilities of all our staff, and take pride in our employees’ success.

Clear Career Progression Path for Employees

Wolfestone has seen first-hand how big an impact a skilled and motivated workforce has had on the overall growth and success of the company. From its beginnings in 2006 as a certificate translation provider to present day where it is now the largest language company in Wales, Wolfestone has always shown a commitment not only to hiring the best possible staff but to developing and growing the skills and abilities of its existing staff. Alex Parr, Managing Director, commented: “We are incredibly proud of the collaborative working environment that has been established at Wolfestone. Each member of staff is given the platform to speak freely about their job role and how they would like their career to progress into the future. In the spring of 2016, Wolfestone introduced a milestones plan to its employees. Each member of staff is given a career plan, specifically tailored to them. The plan reflects the employee’s current performance in their role and highlights opportunities for career progression. The aim of the plan is to identify areas of growth and development for all members of staff, and to uncover any training opportunities that are available to aid staff development. Ms Parr added: “We want our employees to feel valued and motivated to work. We believe that by giving employees a clear career progression path and by continuing to motivate and challenge them, they will enjoy working at Wolfestone and will be determined to progress within our company. This can only be of huge benefit to the Wolfestone organisation. Last year, Wolfestone employees received training in a variety of areas in the business. This ranged from training in management and leadership (ILM) to NVQs in Administration and Business. This year, Wolfestone will look to increase the number of staff receiving this training. Milestones

Black-Tie Gala Dinner to Celebrate the Winners

The Commitment to skills & people development award recognises businesses that develop the skills, experience and abilities of their workforce. Businesses nominated for this award have clear, defined policies on staff training & development, equality & diversity and health & safety, and set distinct targets on how they plan to maintain this commitment to their staff. Nominated alongside LBS Builders Merchants, SPTS Technologies and T B Davies, Cardiff, Wolfestone has been recognised as one of the leading companies in Wales for staff growth and development. The winner will be announced at a Black-Tie Gala Dinner on Thursday 23rd February at the National Museum in Cardiff. Wolfestone would like to offer its congratulations to the other nominees.

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