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Welsh Director Judges National Award

Wolfestone Director Anna Bastek will be judging the National IoD Awards this month, after winning the award herself just 12 months ago.
Anna Bastek IoDWolfestone Director Anna Bastek will be representing Wales at the IoD awards this month as a judge. The awards, which celebrate the best in British business, are being held on 11th October in Central London. Anna will be judging the Director of the Year category, which she won this time last year. “I was really surprised to win last year as I knew that no Welsh director had won before and the calibre of nominees was really high. It's a great achievement for me personally and Wolfestone to be invited to judge such high profile awards” Anna was the first ever Welsh-based business person to win the award, and she believes that local businesses have a lot to gain by looking beyond Wales when promoting themselves. “As we’ve grown our focus has shifted. Our client base in Wales is really important to us, but if companies want to grow you need to look beyond your borders. It’s proven really effective for us, and I’d encourage local companies that are considering broadening their horizons to go for it” Welsh companies shortlisted this year include Hospital Innovations Ltd based in Cardiff and Tre-Ysgawen Hall from Anglesey.

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