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New Mentor For Young Welsh Talent

Anna Bastek is invited to become a mentor for mentoring in entrepreneurship by the welsh government.
Anna-Bastek-professional-webAs Director of Wolfestone Translation, one of one of Wales’ fastest growing companies, Anna Bastek’s free time is scarce. But some things, and some people, are always worth making time for. The Welsh Assembly’s Dynamo Project encourages young people to set their sights high and offers mentoring in entrepreneurship and all round business skills from some of the nation’s leading commercial figures. The project is a key element of the Assembly’s flagship Youth Entrepreneurship Strategy, designed not only to encourage individuals but to offer long term benefits to the Welsh economy. When Anna was invited to become a mentor, she was delighted to accept. In the eight years since she arrived in the UK from her native Poland, Anna’s entrepreneurial flair has made her a leading light in the Welsh business community. In 2009 Anna was named Swansea Bay Woman of the Year, and now the skills that helped put Wolfestone on the map will be available to the next generation of Welsh business leaders. Dynamo mentors deliver a range of workshops offering practical advice on starting and building a business. Anna sees this as a natural extension of Wolfestone’s existing work in the community: “It’s never too late to learn new skills and it’s never too early either. A recent report by the CIPD revealed that only 12% of employers would consider hiring 16 year olds direct from school. That’s a disappointing statistic, and as part of Wolfestone’s social programme our HR Manager holds regular interview coaching days at local schools to give students the skills to shine with employers. Now with the Dynamo Project I can work with young people who want to go one step further and create their own jobs. Why shouldn’t talented, hard-working young people approach the business world with confidence? They have plenty to offer, and I’m happy to remind them of that”. Wolfestone’s impact on the wider community was highlighted earlier this year when the company won the 2012 Welsh Chamber of Commerce Award for Skills and People Development. With an ongoing commitment to eco-friendly business practice and corporate social responsibility, Anna Bastek has important ethical advice to pass on. Her Dynamo students will learn that strong principles and a strong balance sheet can go together hand in hand. They’ll also be infused with the positive attitude that has made Anna and Wolfestone a success. “The Dynamo Project promotes a “can-do” mentality in young people, and that’s an attitude I’ve seen all around me since the day I came to this country. Wales has been good to me. It’s given me the opportunity to aspire and to achieve. It’s my privilege to offer that same opportunity to the next generation of Welsh business leaders”.

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