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Female-led Acquisition Deal Signed by Wolfestone

On 8th December 2017, Wolfestone formally acquired Reading-based language service provider Robertson Languages International in a female-led deal.

Female-led Acquisition Deal Signed by Wolfestone

January 22, 2018On 8th December 2017, Wolfestone formally acquired Reading-based language service provider Robertson Languages International in a female-led deal.Anna Bastek, Co-Founder of Wolfestone and an influential multi award-winning business woman in the United Kingdom, commented: “I’ve always had a lot of faith in women and regularly encourage them to step up and take ownership. Since our inception in 2006, we’ve always had more women than men on the management board, and in 2015 we took the decision to appoint Alex Parr as the managing director of Wolfestone. She’s a very ambitious person and is eager to grow Wolfestone into a £15m business.”

Image of the three brands comprising the Wolfestone Group: Wolfestone, VoiceBox and Robertson Languages International.

Since her promotion to managing director, Alex Parr has overseen some of the organisation’s landmark moments. In 2015, Wolfestone’s sister company, VoiceBox, was created, and now, Ms. Parr has been essential to the successful completion of the Robertson Languages International acquisition.Ms. Bastek continues: “Setting up a multimedia branch in VoiceBox and acquiring Robertson are great steps forward for us. Alex now has experience in negotiating acquisition deals and we’re eagerly anticipating working on the next one.”Since its inception in 2006, Wolfestone has grown exponentially. From its humble beginnings as a provider of small certificate translation to now being the largest language service provider in Wales. The company has won dozens of business awards and consistently exceeds the ambitious growth targets set for itself. However, the Robertson Languages International acquisition deal is the first of its kind for the Wolfestone Group of Companies.Alex Parr commented: “Acquisition is a highly efficient way of growing a business, and we were very excited to identify a company such as Robertson, with its amazing portfolio of services, customers and the great people in the team.

HSBC, Capital Law, Broomfield & Alexander Negotiation Assistance

The acquisition of Robertson Languages International was made possible with support from HSBC, along with legal assistance from Capital Law and accountancy firm Broomfield & Alexander.Marlies Hoecherl, a partner in Capital Law’s corporate legal team, and herself a multilingual speaker, commented: “We greatly enjoyed working with Wolfestone. It was a great strategic decision for both companies because of all the synergies, both businesses will benefit from the deal.”Echoing these sentiments, Katherine Broadhurst, finance manager at Broomfield & Alexander, added: “This acquisition provides an opportunity for Wolfestone to build on their existing strong reputation in Wales and develop into wider markets as a result of their success to date. It has been a pleasure to support Wolfestone’s directors through this process and help them to implement this element of their growth strategy.”Expressing her gratitude for the support, Alex Parr said: “We would like to thank everyone involved and we look forward to working together again in the future.”

The Future of the Wolfestone Group

The merger of Robertson Languages International with the Wolfestone Group presents many exciting opportunities for all three brands. Clients of Robertson Languages International can expect to see their translations benefit from Wolfestone’s innovative technology and ability to handle both rare language and urgent translation requests, as well as multimedia services through Wolfestone’s sister company, VoiceBox. While for Wolfestone, having a presence in the language learning market will be a huge boost to the wide range of services already on offer.

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