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Exam Reform: What Does It Mean For Employers?

arek_2_0Listen again to Wolfestone's Marketing Manager Arek Estall talking on BBC Radio Wales' "Wales at Work" show. Reform of exams is proposed in England, where they plan to replace the GCSE with the baccalaureate. Meanwhile, in Wales, a review has been published suggesting that the Welsh Government should keep the GCSE. This potentially creates confusion for employers, who will have to make decisions between English and Welsh students based on a different grading system. Wolfestone's Arek Estall explained that GCSEs didn't give an accurate picture of workplace skills, and explained how the company has developed its own testing system. He agreed that the differences in England and Wales could cause confusion, but called for a system that was fit for purpose for employers. Wolfestone appears at the beginning around 1 minute in: http://www.bbc.co.uk/programmes/b01p1wxd

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