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Working with You on Technical Translation Projects

As we have discussed before, one of the things we are rather proud of is our technical translation services. Of course, we have all the certifications, we are independently certified to the new British Standard EN 15038 and we are a certified technical translation provider, accredited by the Association of Translation Companies which makes us Home Office approved and all of our project managers are qualified through the Association of Project Managers. But to many people these may as well just be badges that we have on our website - what does it all mean in practice to a customer? A technical company's whole reputation and brand image can rely on the quality of the written documentation, press-releases and other things seen by the media, the trade and the public. When you are a company operating outside your normal language market, it is essential that the image you give is every bit as good (and accurate) as the image you give in your native market and it is vital that you partner with a good technical translation company to help you do this. Partner is an important phrase here too. Technical translation is a two way process and although we have some of the finest technical translators available, you know more about your product than they do and it is vital that good and accurate technical translation be a two way synergistic process with regular reviews and checks until the end result is exactly what both you and we are happy with. After all, it is both of our reputations on the line here.

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