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Wolfestone Launches Brand New Website

Wolfestone, a leading language translation company offering translation and voiceover services across all languages, has launched a new and improved version of their company website. Wolfestone has incorporated a host of new features into their new website’s design in a bid to offer more convenience, support and resources to returning and potential clients. The Wolfestone website now describes the company’s quality processes, linguist vetting and accreditations in detail, and offers visitors the opportunity to communicate with members of the company via Live Chat, request a call back at a time convenient to them, and receive Quick Quotes on the company’s range of services. Clients also now have access to free resources through the language translation specialists’ website, including language identification and translation tools, world time displays, and lists of common phrases in different languages. This is in addition to regular postings of relevant articles on an integrated blog, along with the option to subscribe to the company’s monthly newsletter which features recipes, ‘fun facts’ and other information about different countries. Wolfestone Director, Anna Bastek commented: “The fresh look and feel of our website design has given our online presence a new lease of life, and I am delighted with the outcome. We are always looking for new ways to make contacting us and enquiring about our services easier for clients, and the incorporation of Live Chat and more in-depth descriptions of the services we offer are sure to make these processes much simpler. I look forward to receiving feedback from site users on what they think of the redesign, and am open to any other suggestions visitors may have on how we can improve further.”

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