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Wolfestone Groups Wins the Business-to-Business TITAN Awards

Wolfestone Group has won the TITAN Business Awards. Following on from this achievement, we are reflecting on the journey Wolfestone Group has taken.

Wolfestone Group has been announced as a gold winner of the Business-to-Business category, in the TITAN Awards 2022. There were over 1,000 nominations for these awards, and we have been selected based on our extraordinary growth and financial performance.

In this blog, we are going to reflect on the journey the company has taken to win this award and what winning means to us.

About Wolfestone Group

Wolfestone was set up in 2006 and expanded into the American market in 2020 under the brand name Wolfestone Group. Roy Allkin and Anna Bastek are the co-founders of Wolfestone and Wolfestone Group which aims to be a full-service agency that meets 100% of all language needs. Major brands, industry-leading media owners, publishers, and broadcasters all benefit from our extensive range of solutions.

We are one of the fastest-growing language service providers, recently entering the top 100 LSPs worldwide. And now, we are recognized as Titan’s best B2B company of 2022.

The TITAN Business Award

The TITAN Business Awards’ goal is to acknowledge the achievements of organizations and entrepreneurs in the United States of America. These awards have been divided up into multiple categories including the Business-to-Business award.

The focal point of the business-to-business awards looks at how organizations deal with companies on a professional level. The TITAN Awards will be interested in companies that have created products or services that benefit other businesses.

Wolfestone Group has developed a variety of services that meet all language needs. We have worked with a large catalogue of business-to-business clients including J.P Morgan, Google, and HSBC.

Wolfestone Group witnessed tremendous growth in 2022, which contributed to this award’s win. Our growth has stemmed from an increase in international clients, developments in AI software, and our ability to translate into 220+ languages.

Our Managing Director’s Viewpoint

The Managing Director of the Wolfestone Group, Alex-Michelle Parr, commented:

“It’s amazing to be recognized for the strides we are making in the industry. This award demonstrates our commitment to helping businesses innovate, communicate and scale in multiple languages.

From becoming ISO-certified to developing our AI systems, we are devoted to making positive changes that will impact our clients.

When I think back to where we were a year ago, the growth we have made is impressive. The team has been great in understanding the overall targets so I would like to thank everyone involved.”

Quote from Alex TITAN awards 1

What’s Next?

Wolfestone Group plans to keep the momentum going next year, by increasing our AI (Artificial Intelligence) technology which will benefit our clients. As well as this, we aim to maintain growth and continue to develop AI systems that will benefit the client.

So why not find out more about our services and systems and contact us today?

Information Correct: 13/10/2022

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