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Q3 Feedback Survey Report


Great news! We’ve got the results from last quarter’s report, and they look pretty good. We send feedback surveys out to our clients so they can let us know what they think. This is important to us, because it helps us to understand the needs and opinions of our clients.

Good customer service is one of our priorities. Wolfestone Group offers translation and multilingual multimedia services to a range of businesses and industries. We want to make sure that every experience with Wolfestone Group is a great one.

So, let’s take a look at Q3’s results!

How would you rate your experience with Wolfestone Group?

100% of respondents gave us a 5/5 for this question!

This is a fantastic result, and a great start to our survey. Our dedicated account managers are on-hand to assist clients throughout their experience with us. Their hard work means that any concerns can be dealt with quickly, and that the entire process goes smoothly. Clearly, our clients from quarter 3 were happy with this!

How would you rate your most recent project with Wolfestone Group?

100% of respondents gave us a 5/5 for this question!

This is a similar question to the previous one, but with a key difference. This question is specifically about the project the client completed with us, rather than the general experience. It’s great to see that our clients are just as happy with the work we did for them as they are with the experience!

We do strive to produce high-quality work. Wolfestone group works on many different projects, from videos to legal documents, but we work to ensure that every single one is as good as we can make it.

What is the main reason you chose Wolfestone Group for your project?

Respondents chose Wolfestone Group because of the languages we offer, among other reasons.

This was a multiple-choice question. 50% chose languages offered whilst the other 50% chose Other. Some examples were given for Other, meaning we can give you some specific quotes from our clients.

One example is: ‘Quality is good. Quick turnaround from reps and pleasant to work with.

Another is ‘All of the above -- Wolfestone Group has delivered on time and on budget for multiple projects.’

Both of these great quotes explain the benefits of choosing Wolfestone, so a huge thank you to the respondents who left us these answers.

On a scale of 0-10 how likely is it that you would recommend Wolfestone Group to others?

100% of Respondents gave us a 10 out of 10 for this question.

A recommendation is a massive compliment, and one we are honoured to receive. We’re pleased to see that people place enough trust in us to share Wolfestone Group with others.

Wolfestone Group does offer a wide range of services, including voiceovers, translation and multilingual multimedia. For examples of our multimedia services, we can offer subtitles, live captions and video editing. This makes us a good business to recommend for any project, as there’s usually something we can do to help.

For your next relevant project, how likely are you to use Wolfestone Group?

100% of Respondents gave us a 10 out of 10 for this question.

This means that all of the respondents are likely to work with Wolfestone Group again in the future. This is probably because of the good experiences they have had with us, as mentioned in the previous question.

There are some benefits to working with Wolfestone Group more than once. We can get to know your brand and your requirements. For AI translation projects, we have translation memory, which means that text similar to text you’ve translated with us already could cost you less! For these reasons, among others, we’re always glad to get returning customers.

Where did you hear about Wolfestone Group?

Respondents found Wolfestone Group through a search engine.

We gave a few different options for our clients to choose from for this question, because we like to offer variety both in our services and our surveys! However, all respondents to this questionnaire selected that they found Wolfestone Group through a search engine.

This is really interesting! Especially since, when looking for a service these days, people usually go to search engines first. The fact that people are likely searching for a specific service, like Voiceovers, and then choosing us over other businesses in that list is wonderful news.

Any other comments?

Below is our favourite comment from Quarter three’s Feedback Survey:

Us group q3 feedback

We love this comment because the writer took the time to mention some Wolfestone Group staff members. It’s awesome that our team are this helpful. This comment also mentions our prompt responses. We aim to reply quickly to any concerns or questions from our customers, and it’s wonderful to see that this aim is being met.


You can probably tell by now, but we’re super pleased with Quarter 3’s results. We don’t want to toot our own horn too much, but it’s hard to argue with numbers like these.

Thank you to everyone who got involved with Quarter 3’s Feedback Survey. If you want to be involved in our next survey, then please consider working with us on your next project! Our Quarter Three clients seem to agree that we are a good choice for translation and multimedia needs.


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