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Wolfestone Group named one of Top 100 Language Service Providers for 2022

Wolfestone Group was named one of the Top 100 Language Service Providers. Following this achievement, we took a moment to reflect on the journey Wolfestone Group has taken.

For the first time, Wolfestone Group has joined an elite list of the Top 100 Language Service Providers (LSPs) of 2022. Each year, the Top 100 LSPs are announced based on financial performance and data-based market research.

In this blog, we are going to reflect on where Wolfestone Group started, and how far we have come due to dedication and hard work. As well as this, we will discuss what being a part of the Top 100 LSPs means to us.

About Wolfestone Group

Wolfestone Group was founded in 2006 by Roy Allkin and Anna Bastek. Since, we have become one of the largest translation agencies, and one of the largest independent language service providers.

Offering full-service language solutions, Wolfestone Group enables clients to use one provider for all their language needs. For every service from multimedia to translation. Major brands, industry-leading media owners, publishers, and broadcasters from a range of industries can use our services to expand their growth potential and enter new markets.

The Managing Directors’ Viewpoint

The Managing Director of Wolfestone Group, Alex Michelle-Parr, quoted:

“Being recognized as one of the top LSPs has made me reflect on Wolfestone Group’s past 16 years. We have grown so much during this period; from acquiring our first company to developing and expanding our own AI systems to becoming an ISO-certified company.

I am grateful for how hard we have all worked as a team to contribute to the growing success. We work continuously to give our clients a five-star service. When I found out about being a part of the top 100, I immediately emailed staff at Wolfestone Group to inform them of the exciting news. But we will continue to grow and move further up the list in the future.”

We have all worked so hard over the years that having the ability to be a part of something so important to the language industry is major. We have always wanted to do our best and become one of the best companies out there.”

Alex Michelle Parr

Staying As One of the Top 100 Language Service Providers

Being one of the Top 100 Language Service Providers has shown how hard we have worked since 2006 to become a reliable brand. We work with clients like HSBC, Google, Computershare and more, and support them in entering international markets.

Wolfestone Group has been able to rank on the list due to our continuous growth trajectory. We have plans to climb up the list in the next year. To achieve this, we aim to make advancements in our technology systems and software that have already been put in place. The changes to this would make the overall experience better for the customer.

What’s next?

The Top 100 Language Service Providers is something we have aimed to be a part of for years. We will continue to work hard and extend our financial performance year-on-year to strengthen our chance of staying and advancing on the list. So why not find out more about what Wolfestone Group can do for you? Contact us today.

Information Correct: 19/08/22

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