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Wolfestone Gives Swansea's Next Generation a Platform for Achievement

Wolfestone Translation, a market-leading language translation company offering translation and voiceover services across all languages, is teaming up with Careers Wales West to give local schoolchildren a platform for success in the job market. As part of a joint initiative to build confidence and employability among young people, HR Manager Emma Roome spent a day coaching students on interview technique at Bishopston Comprehensive School, offering an ideal ‘dress rehearsal’ for meetings with prospective employers. Many Wolfestone staff attended local schools and the company’s management team includes former Bishopston pupils. The school’s commitment to modern European languages also makes them a natural partner for Wolfestone. Having studied French and Spanish at degree level, Emma was impressed with the aptitude of Bishopston’s pupils, many of whom enjoyed a school trip to Andalucia during autumn half term as well as celebrating a recent European Languages Day organised by the school’s French and Spanish Departments. Bishopston pupils regularly excel in external exams. In 2011 a record 88.5% of GCSE students attained at least five A* to C grades, and the school consistently ranks among the highest performing comprehensives in the country. Wolfestone Directors Anna Bastek and Roy Allkin see this as a call to action: “When we see young people working hard at school and getting such good results, we want to do everything possible to help them carry that momentum into the next stage of their lives. Why shouldn’t a talented, hard working school leaver approach an employer with confidence? They have plenty to offer, and we’re happy to remind them of that.”

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