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Wolfestone Director Anna Bastek to Speak at ‘South East Women in Management Network’ Event

Wolfestone Translation, a multi-award winning, internationally renowned language translation service provider, reveal that their company Director, Anna Bastek, is scheduled to speak at an upcoming event for the Women in Management Network (WIM network). The aim of WIM is to bring interesting speakers and women in management positions together to discuss their achievements and what they have learned from managing a team or organisation. Previous speakers at WIM meetings include Kirsty Williams, Leader of Welsh Liberal Democrats, Amanda West, Head of Innovation at Thomson Reuters, and Steph Chamberlain, Head of Business Improvement at Esso. Anna will be speaking at the WIM network’s bi-monthly meeting in South East Wales on 14th April. For April they want to bring an entrepreneurship focus to the event, bringing together leading Welsh female entrepreneurs, which is why the organisation has asked Anna to be one of their speakers. “The format will be a panel of three with preset questions, and it will follow an informal question and answer session with the Chair,” commented Anna Bastek, Director of Wolfestone. “Questions are likely to be about how I have developed my business and the sector Wolfestone operates in, as well as the internal and external influences that shape its direction, our successes, and any challenges we have experienced since our formation.” “I am delighted to have been selected to speak at this event, and look forward to offering attendees an insight into my own personal experiences as a woman in management.”

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