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Wolfestone Director Anna Bastek Speaks at FSB South Wales

Wolfestone, a leading language translation company offering translation in all languages, will be the Key Note Speaker at the Annual General Meeting 2010 of the FSB South Wales Region. Anna Bastek, the Director and co-founder of Swansea-based organisation Wolfestone Translation Ltd, will be speaking at this prolific event to shine light on how other organisations can survive and thrive during the recession, and will offer her own tips based on years of management experience on how businesses can replicate Wolfestone’s success. Wolfestone is a rapidly growing language translation company, and has received multiple awards for service and business excellence during its lifetime. The formulation and performance of this successful organisation will be at the centre of Anna’s advice at the FSB Annual General Meeting and Traditional Sunday Lunch; due to be held at the Old Hall within the St David’s building at the University of Wales Trinity, Lampeter, on Sunday 28th November. “Wolfestone’s revenue has more than doubled every year since its conception, even during the tough recession,” commented Wolfestone Director, Anna Bastek. “I hope that with my experience in business and marketing direction and building companies from the ground-up, I can give attendees at the FSB South Wales Annual General Meeting insight into how they can really commercialise their ideas and keep their organisations not just afloat, but continually thriving – no matter the economic climate.”

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