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Wolfestone: Confidentiality and Cost-Effectiveness Guaranteed

Today’s news that the Crown Prosecution Service has pledged to continue serving paper documents to defence solicitors highlights the need for probity and security for our legal clients. While many Wolfestone clients are moving inexorably towards digital communication, we appreciate their concerns over how information can be sent electronically by the CPS without raising data protection issues. Wolfestone’s commitment to the legal profession has led to strong commercial relationships with reputable firms of all sizes. Current partners include many firms listed in the Legal 500’s Top 100 UK firms, as well as regional heavyweights and smaller but equally reputable single-site specialists. Like all Wolfestone clients, these firms have a guarantee that translation assignments will be completed on a secure server, with no possibility of unauthorised access. Nothing takes precedence over the client’s right to confidentiality and security. Wolfestone Director Anna Bastek sees this commitment as a crucial element in Wolfestone’s success: “On each working day we deal with countless items of sensitive information, whether in paper or digital form. Our clients know that we won’t just translate their work professionally, we’ll also conduct ourselves professionally in every other respect. From the day Wolfestone was formed, we’ve engendered a culture of respect and trust for each other and for our clients. As the company has grown that culture has flourished, and I see it as a major contributory factor in our success”. Like our legal clients, Wolfestone embraces technological advances wherever they can add value. Our specialist translation memory software is designed to “remember” phrases and sentence constructions, storing them securely in the client’s file, so the next time that client needs a document translated using similar terminology it will automatically be pre-translated. Because we don’t charge for this pre-translated language, costs are automatically reduced and linguistic consistency is guaranteed. A recent costing survey showed that our legal clients have benefited from this more than any other sector group. Anna Bastek is delighted to be able to offer this balance of cost effectiveness and probity: “I’ve heard many people discuss their philosophy of selling. Mine is simple. Selling is helping people to buy something they actually want. Honestly, enthusiastically and consistently. Wolfestone’s service to the legal profession offers those qualities, and firms of all sizes come back to us time and time again because we give them what they want: a precise professional service delivered with the utmost respect for confidentiality and a pricing structure with built-in savings. It’s a winning combination for the clients and for us”. DAVID JONES

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